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Things Karin was this weekend: a zipperhead on Friday and 1/2 of an Oreo cookie on Saturday. I asked her why her friends always have Halloween parties a week early and she didn't know. Maybe because the school break starts next week and a lot of people are already gone at the weekend.

Martin leaves next Monday, only a week and then he is gone for 6-7 weeks. He will be in Peru until December 10 and then is going to try to change his return ticket to fly to Toronto on December 10 and then stay in Detroit with a friend and with my mom for 8 days, returning home to Sweden on December 18. The return ticket still isn't sorted though, because the travel agency the kids are using told him that he couldn't rebook until after he actually leaves Copenhagen, which sounds very strange to me. I hope it doesn't end up costing him a fortune to rebook, but I guess it's his money, and if it doesn't work out, then he'll be home 8 days earlier than planned, so yay!

I'm loving the autumn-ness of everything right now. I'm gobsmacked by the trees, though I wish there were more red ones and spend far too much time taking photos of them. Everything about nature is so ephemeral, it's worth capturing and keeping, right? Karin and I went for a walk Friday after I left work early and took photos of leaves and trees and goats and things. I love this one:

If you want to see more of my photos, feel free to wander over to my Instagram! I rarely share them on Facebook, or even here, because I don't like having content doubled all over the place.

On Friday, I participated in the Star For Life concert with my choir and... 300 children. We only knew that several other adult choirs had been asked to participate, but apparently they all graciously declined. So we were a little shocked to find ourselves the only adults singing, apart from a few harried-looking teachers. Read more about Star For Life, if you are interested. I can highly recommend going to see one of their concerts, they are quite fun, uplifting and for a good cause. :) Anders' mom said the whole show was full of "happy music".

It's quite fun, if a bit exhausting, to sing with a giant choir like this. A couple of my colleagues at work are getting a group together to participate in another such mass choir event, this time a Gospel Festival in Malmö, in January. It's 1000 people singing plus a bunch of solo artists.

What else? Yesterday, Martin and I started watching Westworld. After two episodes, I feel a little hooked and a lot icked out. It's rather brutal and grotesque but it certainly is fascinating and thought-provoking as well. However, my show-watching buddy is leaving, so not sure how far I'll get with the show after next week!

Nothing else really exciting is happening...I'm mostly wishing right now that I had at least one more day of weekend to enjoy. They just go by TOO fast.
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