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I've only posted twice this month so far, and to be honest, I haven't had the heart or the energy to post much more. I read the news every day and fall a little farther into disbelief and despair each time.

Anders came home late last night from 2 weeks in Italy for work. He worked today, came home, declared he didn't feel well, at which point all three of us promptly fell asleep on various sofas, and then he got violently ill. Then he told me he was freezing and went to bed. Not good. I really, really hope he feels better in the morning. We are supposed to go to a "100-year" birthday party tomorrow evening for 2 of our friends, a married couple, who both turned 50 this year. We haven't seen the gang of friends who will be at the party since June and if there is any chance that is IS the flu, we won't be going, since we don't want to take any chances on contaminating anyone else with it.

I miss Martin.

On Thursday, I went in for a diabetes checkup and am glad to report that my levels are still well below the danger zone and I am still diabetes-free, despite not yet having succeeded in losing the 3 kilos I regained this summer. It's a hard struggle right now with weight loss, as always. I saw a new nurse, not my usual doctor, and I was a bit taken aback to have her start lecturing me on what and how I should be eating, what to avoid, what I need to do, as if I had received my diagnosis that day instead of a year ago, and despite having taken immediate steps to handle the disease AND succeeding, in being declared diabetes-free in June. For everything she said, I replied, "I know."

"I know."

"Yes, I KNOW." in increasingly belligerent terms. It was like she was talking to a 6-year-old child, not a 52-year-old woman who KNOWS, for crying out loud. I gave her a run-down of my daily menus, what exercise program I follow, the fact that I've been attending WW for over a year, etc., and she didn't seem to take the hint at all. I was barely able to stop myself from blowing up at her, because I didn't think she was being condescending on purpose, but geez freaking louise. Then she said, "well, I have to stick your finger to check your long-term blood sugar," and when I said, "but I was here last week and left blood samples" she was surprised...which made me suspect she hadn't even LOOKED at my records. GAH.

I have missed choir 3x this month because of being sick, going to see Elton John and last week for book group. I just realized that I'll miss it AGAIN next week because of the annual AWC wreath-making evening, which makes this entire month a wash, but not enough to miss wreath-making. AND I might miss it the first week of December as well, if the AWC julbord doesn't get cancelled. Right now there are only 2 people signed up, so it's a distinct possibility, but a bummer because it's a fantastic julbord. We have a choir concert on December 11, so missing all these practices is definitely not a good thing, if I want to be able to participate in the concert. :(

Martin, by the way, is having a fantastic time in Peru. They are back in Cusco, after having seen Macchu Picchu and he and Frida are on their own this week, as Claudia is at her grandmother's. They will join her in a couple of days, though, but then will be offline for 2 weeks, before heading back to Lima. He has been very good about regularly posting photos and messaging us, plus we've had phone/facetime calls, all of which helps keep me calm. He has also scheduled tours at 2 of the colleges in Detroit that he is applying to, for while he is there the first week of December. :)

Karin and I enjoyed our two girls-only weeks at home, though it sure went fast. It was fun to take her to see Elton John with me. She brought the median age in the audience down by at least 25 years, haha! She's spending the night with friends tonight and is refereeing all weekend at Sandby Cup.

I have to figure out what cookies to bake either this weekend or next for the annual AWC cookie exchange and what 3 kilos? Shut up. I figure I'll go with something quick, easy and festive. Maybe Rudolf Noses & Holiday Balls (if I have enough red and green sugar)...I haven't made them since 2008, so that should work.

And the weekend after that I have our work Christmas party and then OUR Thanksgiving dinner...I do not have time for vinterkräksjuka, so Anders had better not infect me. And I still have all the Christmas stuff to deal with. AAAGH. But right now, I'm so tired that I feel dizzy, so goodnight, sweetheart, goodnight!
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From Megsie

Your schedule is CRAZY! I hope Anders is feeling better and I hope YOU DON"T GET SICK! Ugh. The flu is awful.

I am also obsessed by the news and repelled by it. This feels so dangerous and dreadful and ominous. It feels like a speeding train that cannot be stopped. I wonder what our country will be like in four years...and what will happen in the mean time. It is scary.

I am glad Martin is doing so well! And checking in so I don't worry about him.

It snowed today. Yesterday I didn't wear a coat to work, today I was wishing I had my winter coat and mittens! Minnesota is weird. This is a *HUGE* hint that I need to start thinking about Christmas! I just ordered my Turkey today and Thanksgiving is in less than a week! AHHHH!

Re: From Megsie

I haven't even written half of my schedule down, for fear of freaking you all, and myself, out. Haa! Today's post, maybe?

We haven't had snow but the once, and it's warmed up again this past week. I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!

Oh Liz! You sound snowed under with things to do... yet again. I really hope that Anders hasn't succumbed to the dreaded vinterkräksjuka that has reared its ugly head just in time for julbord season. That's the last thing you need.

Grr... on the nurse from the diabetes clinic. I've struck that before with a nurse checking high blood pressure and giving me the How to control BP, introductory lesson when I KNOW what I need to do. I was diagnosed as a child with idiopathic hypertension and on medication and diet control for the last 50 years!) Again it was obvious that she knew nothing about my individual case and was just reeling off a rote lesson.

Good luck with your cookie baking. I love the idea of an exchange. And Thanksgiving and the first Sunday of Advent seem so close this year - it's like everything is happening at once.

I'm not exactly snowed under, just busy. :) Anders was sick Friday night and most of the day Saturday he was sleeping and feeling achey, but he's back to normal today, so I don't think it was vinterkräkskuja, for which I'm glad.

I can't believe next weekend is first advent already! Let the decorating commence!

i have one colleague and one friend down with the flu, and they have both been vomiting. beware!

He's much improved today and no more vomiting, so I don't think it was vinterkräksjuka, thank goodness!


Glad to hear that he is getting better so quickly. Love, Lizardmom

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