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For my own logistical record-keeping, or just for posterity, whichever.

Sun, Nov 20 - laundry, house-cleaning, call Martin, write Xmas letter
Mon, Nov 21 - work, WW, start preparing Xmas presents for mailing
Tue, Nov 22 - work, hair appointment
Wed, Nov 23 - work, AWC website prep
Thu, Nov 24 - doctor appointment, work, AWC wreathmaking
Fri, Nov 25 - work, grocery shopping
Sat, Nov 26 - house-cleaning, cookie baking, dinner with D&C
Sun, Nov 27 - call Martin, call mom, start Xmas cards and finalize Xmas presents for mailing
Mon, Nov 28 - work, WW, finalize AWC website prep
Tue, Nov 29 - work, AWC meeting & cookie exchange
Wed, Nov 30 - work, buy turkeys, order tables & chairs
Thu, Dec 1 - work, choir practice, Christmas decorating
Fri, Dec 2 - work, Axis Christmas party, Danely's birthday
Sat, Dec 3 - Thanksgiving dinner potluck at our house
Sun, Dec 4 - party-aftermath cleaning, (?)
Mon, Dec 5 - work, WW
Tue, Dec 6 - work
Wed, Dec 7 - work, Martin's birthday but he's not here, boo hoo!
Thu, Dec 8 - work, choir
Fri, Dec 9 - work
Sat, Dec 10 - get Xmas tree, choir practice. choir dinner
Sun, Dec 11 - choir concert
Mon, Dec 12 - work, WW
Tue, Dec 13 - work, decorate tree
Wed, Dec 14 - work
Thu, Dec 15 - work, AWC bookgroup
Fri, Dec 16 - work
Sat, Dec 17 - Xmas shopping
Sun, Dec 18 - Xmas shopping
Mon, Dece 19 - work, WW
Tue, Dec 20 - work, Mikael's birthday, Martin comes home!
Wed, Dec 21 - work
Thu, Dec 22 - vacation starts!
Fri, Dec 23 - Anders' mom's birthday, Kathey's birthday
Sat, Dec 24 - Christmas Eve, afternoon & dinner at Maria & Mikael's, Jakob's birthday
Sun, Dec 25 - Christmas Day, dinner here
Mon, Dec 26
Tue, Dec 27 - AWC Glögg fest
Wed, Dec 28 - Hamlet at the movies with D&C and kids
Thu, Dec 29 - Hair appointment
Fri, Dec 30
Mon, Dec 31 - New Year's Eve party TBD

Feel like I'm forgetting something...
mood: annoyed
music: Phil Collins—You Can't Hurry Love


My aim is to have a schedule that looks much like December 17 and 18 in your schedule. *fat chance, but a girl can dream*

haha! Good luck with that!

I'm scared to do this. It looks like you have the bare bones of a monthly plan there! Phew!

just do one thing a day!


That something you are forgetting is: CALL MOM! Apparently there are only 5 days on your calendar that you can list this one! Love, Lizardmom

haha! you can call ME, too, Mom! XO

From Megsie

My co-teacher and I mapped out the rest of the semester for our class today. I still have to do that for my other three classes. I am swamped with grading right now, but semi motivated to get it done this weekend...but, alas, I am never really done until grades are due in December. I should really map out Christmas crap, but it is overwhelming right now. I am mentally preparing for Thanksgiving on Thursday. I have to make a final grocery list for tomorrow when I go to pick up the Turkey. Okay. NOW I am FREAKING OUT....


Re: From Megsie

Now that I've written this down, I keep having to refer back to it to keep track of what I'm supposed to be doing each day! It's all gone out of my head!

Well you have two blank days there for whatever it was you forgot! 😉

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