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For my own logistical record-keeping, or just for posterity, whichever.

Sun, Nov 20 - laundry, house-cleaning, call Martin, write Xmas letter
Mon, Nov 21 - work, WW, start preparing Xmas presents for mailing
Tue, Nov 22 - work, hair appointment
Wed, Nov 23 - work, AWC website prep
Thu, Nov 24 - doctor appointment, work, AWC wreathmaking
Fri, Nov 25 - work, grocery shopping
Sat, Nov 26 - house-cleaning, cookie baking, dinner with D&C
Sun, Nov 27 - call Martin, call mom, start Xmas cards and finalize Xmas presents for mailing
Mon, Nov 28 - work, WW, finalize AWC website prep
Tue, Nov 29 - work, AWC meeting & cookie exchange
Wed, Nov 30 - work, buy turkeys, order tables & chairs
Thu, Dec 1 - work, choir practice, Christmas decorating
Fri, Dec 2 - work, Axis Christmas party, Danely's birthday
Sat, Dec 3 - Thanksgiving dinner potluck at our house
Sun, Dec 4 - party-aftermath cleaning, (?)
Mon, Dec 5 - work, WW
Tue, Dec 6 - work
Wed, Dec 7 - work, Martin's birthday but he's not here, boo hoo!
Thu, Dec 8 - work, choir
Fri, Dec 9 - work
Sat, Dec 10 - get Xmas tree, choir practice. choir dinner
Sun, Dec 11 - choir concert
Mon, Dec 12 - work, WW
Tue, Dec 13 - work, decorate tree
Wed, Dec 14 - work
Thu, Dec 15 - work, AWC bookgroup
Fri, Dec 16 - work
Sat, Dec 17 - Xmas shopping
Sun, Dec 18 - Xmas shopping
Mon, Dece 19 - work, WW
Tue, Dec 20 - work, Mikael's birthday, Martin comes home!
Wed, Dec 21 - work
Thu, Dec 22 - vacation starts!
Fri, Dec 23 - Anders' mom's birthday, Kathey's birthday
Sat, Dec 24 - Christmas Eve, afternoon & dinner at Maria & Mikael's, Jakob's birthday
Sun, Dec 25 - Christmas Day, dinner here
Mon, Dec 26
Tue, Dec 27 - AWC Glögg fest
Wed, Dec 28 - Hamlet at the movies with D&C and kids
Thu, Dec 29 - Hair appointment
Fri, Dec 30
Mon, Dec 31 - New Year's Eve party TBD

Feel like I'm forgetting something...
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