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Busy week, busy weekend, busy week, busy weekend...that's how the rest of the year plays out (see last post). I'm feeling rather accomplished, considering how much I have to get done. The house is decorated for Christmas (no tree(s), that will be in 2 weeks, most likely and I got the cookies baked for the cookie exchange on Tuesday. Had a lovely dinner with Debbie and Camilla yesterday and presents to be mailed are ready to go, and I'm finishing my Christmas cards tonight, so I feel like I'm ahead of schedule, yay!

The weather has gotten quite cold now, thought it's still fluctuating. I hope it doesn't snow though. Last year, it snowed like crazy this exact weekend when we were having our Friendsgiving and as a result, everyone left really early. This year, it isn't until this coming weekend, but I just looked and guess what's on the forecast for Saturday? UGH.

I haven't made it to a Christmas market this year, and I'm kind of sad about it, even though I rarely buy anything...they're just fun to browse. The one in Flyinge was LAST weekend (way too early) and this weekend and next are just too busy.

I'm both looking forward to and dreading different things about our Friendsgiving party on Saturday. There is some behind-the-scenes drama among some parties that I hope won't be in play during our dinner. And one person that I have a bet on with myself will call and cancel last minute.

Karin asked me to go shopping with her on Friday, but it ended up not happening, for which I was actually glad, since it was full-on Black Friday here. Why import the worst American traditions when you don't have to, and when the reason for its very existence is a holiday that doesn't even exist in Sweden?? I say, if you're going to have Black Friday, then you have to have Thanksgiving!

Anyway, I need to go call Martin and then finish up my cards before bed. Toodles!
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