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Oops, my crazy week got away from me and I had no chance to post anything. But! Everything this week has gone very well, and I am here on a Sunday feeling pretty good about things. Christmas cards are all mailed as are the overseas packages, and I ordered my niece's birthday presents today (though they will be late). I'm ordering Christmas gift and birthday gift for John's boys in a few minutes and then all I have left are presents for my family (some of which are already done or ordered).

Anders' mom had knee replacement surgery on Tuesday morning and it went well, though she is still in the hospital. She had a lot of swelling and pain when we were there on Wednesday evening, but I'm hoping it's better now. Karin was there to visit her on Thursday, but can't go with us tonight because she's working.

Friday was my work Christmas party which was fun. I wore a sparkly black and silver dress that I haven't fit into in ages, and got lots of compliments though the truth in the mirror made me sigh. Still a long long way to go. Oh well, it's the season of plenty right now, and I'm doing my best to get through it with at least minimal damage. Or I was until yesterday, haha!

We had our annual Thanksgiving potluck and for a wonder, EVERYONE came, though we had a worry when one family didn't show up until 6 o'clock...which is when they thought the party started. We had all just sat down to eat when they arrived and they were SO embarrassed, but it worked out just fine. For posterity, I'm writing down the menu and who brought what because it was all SO SO incredibly good:

Liz & Anders: turkeys, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, spaghetti squash
Debbie & Ola: sweet potato casserole, black olives
Emily: green bean casserole with mushrooms and parmesan
Barbara & Paul: bread dressing, green salad
Suzanne: cornbread muffins, cranberry relish
Kelly & Jan: pumpkin pies with whipped cream
Helen & Mikael: choux pastry puffs with cream and dark chocolate sauce
Camilla: blueberry & raspberry crumble pies with vanilla sauce

We have a ton of leftovers, which also makes me happy and today I had a turkey sandwich for lunch, YUM YUM! haha! I managed to take zero pictures after my only "tables are set and everything is ready" once again I have no group shot of us with our guests. Drrrr..

Our last guest left around 11 and then the three of us kicked into high-gear clean-up mode and had the dishwasher running, everything put away and the tables and chairs folded down and stacked in about 30 minutes. It was a great evening. I have good friends and I'm so thankful they look forward to this get-together every year as much as we do! The only bummer was that Martin wasn't here!!

Today, we all slept in a bit, and now Karin is at work and Anders has already returned the tables and chairs. I've washed all the tablecloths and watered plants, and done some admin stuff. Anders and I are going to visit his mom at 5 and then Karin and I are going to see Arrival at 6:40. Then we'll try to get a phone call through to Martin for our weekly call. I just looked at the calendar and this week is not nearly as hectic, for which I am everlastingly grateful since I'm busy all next weekend with choir stuff.

I just started reading Bel Canto which someone recommended to me ages ago (ozswede?) and am already hooked in the middle of the first chapter. I hope it continues as good as it started!
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That sounds like a pretty outstanding week, with a great get together as a flourish to end the week.

I plead guilty to Bel Canto :) On the same note, I just finished reading Commonwealth by Ann Patchett and although I enjoyed it, it was quite an uneasy read for me. I kept wondering about how my own family story would be written and I wasn't at all sure that I would be comfortable with it.

Anyway, it's a really interesting book and the plot reveals itself in a riveting way from so many different points of view. The writing is insanely good but the story broke my heart. Have you read it?

Nope, this is my first Ann Patchett, I believe, but suspect it won't be my last!

I must have missed it somewhere along the way but what is Karin's job?

She has two, as a soccer referee and as a telemarketer (which is where she was yesterday), mostly selling things like magazine subscriptions and soliciting pledges for Rädda Barnen. :)


THe tables look amazing -I love the patterns on everything.
Glad to hear it was a great time again! Love, Lizardmom

We had two big long tables, and even if it was plastic plates and cutlery, it looked great!

From Megsie

Happy Thanksgiving! Your table looks so festive! It sounds like a fun time was had by all, and the food! Oooo. It sounds delicious. Your Christmas list of "to do" is dwindling--lucky! I have done bits and pieces, but I haven't really begun. No tree, few presents, and just the picture part of our card done. Weirdly, I don't really care yet. I am too swamped with work and HOCKEY. Geez. There is a lot of hockey this year.

I really liked the Ann Patchett book I read, it wasn't Bel Canto...hmm. Let me look it up...Ah, yes...State of Wonder. It was so good! I am looking forward to AFTER Christmas when I MIGHT be able to read a book for fun. But I might not. I have a whole new class to prepare for, so.

Re: From Megsie

Still have presents and trees and those take so much time, but do feel like I'm on top of things. Isn't it amazing how much of a time-suck your children's sports can be? I will probably read all of Ann Patchett now.

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