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You know, I had seriously good intentions to post more often this month, since I was so lame busy in November, but it appears that I am paving the road to blog post hell instead. I hate just writing catch-up posts of what I've been doing, where I've been, why I'm absent, because who cares, really?

I know I have a few faithful readers, but I really wonder if anyone is REALLY following this journal anymore. I don't know that I would be, if I were you. Though it's not like there are a lot of bloggers left to follow anywhere, anymore, and I'm certainly not one of the interesting ones these days!

Martin has been gone for 7 weeks. He comes home on Tuesday, assuming that my mom and uncle can get him from Michigan back to Toronto in the expected snowstorm that is heading their way. If his flight is cancelled or delayed, it might be an extra day before he makes it back, so we are holding thumbs that the weather is not as terrible as predicted and that they don't have any problems, either driving there or his flight actually departing on time.

We are ready for Christmas: the tree is up and decorated (since last week) and I went Christmas shopping today and made a huge dent in my list. Just have a couple of things left to get, not sure if I will do that tomorrow or wait until after my vacation starts. The kids and I are planning to go see the new Star Wars movie on Wednesday (Martin already saw it in Detroit, but wants to go again with us) and we have our plans for Christmas Eve at Anders' sister's home in place including the list of the food we are responsible for.

Karin crashed her moped last week; nothing serious, but her phone call scared the crap out of me until I figured out that she was fine. I've been dreading that call since she started driving 2.5 years ago. She slid taking a corner on black ice, and ended up with the moped sliding on its side, though she managed to push it away off of her. She was still banged up and stiff and sore all week, but thankfully unhurt in any serious way. The moped is "crooked" but Anders thinks it's fixable, thank goodness. She relies on it so much, so it would be hard to have it out of commission completely.

Anders and I have been binge-watching Bron (The Bridge), a Swedish police/detective series. He started watching it a couple of weeks ago, and I got hooked by the 4th episode, just from watching bits and pieces as I came and went around the house while he was watching. We totally missed the hype around this one, even though I remember my colleagues all talking about it at work when it first started airing several years ago. I don't usually like crime-murder series at all but this one is SO good, so well-done and with characters that you come to deeply care about despite their many human flaws...or perhaps in spite of. Now we are done and have to wait an entire year until season 4 starts airing in January 2018: AUGH.

Choir is over for the year, and I'm quite sad about it, because our two excellent choir leaders have stepped down and won't be returning at the end of January for next year's spring term. I hope they can find a replacement (or two) that are as good, but after having been in choirs since I was 13 years old, I know how rare their particular kind of talent is.

However, a group of women at the office, me included, have signed up to sing in a Gospel concert that is taking place in Malmö at the end of January. I wouldn't normally be interested, since I'm not really into gospel...and not at all religious, but I got a bit railroaded into it by their enthusiasm. :) Anyway, we got the music CDs a week ago, and I am memorizing the alto part by listening to it over and over in the car (it is only nine songs). And Karin, who has been riding to and from Lund with me several times this week ALSO has three of the songs memorized so we sing them together VERY enthusiastically any time we are in the car now, to our own mutual hilarity. There are going to be 1000 choir singers altogether along with several solo artists from the US and the colleague who did this same event last year swears that it is SUPER fun. I've been involved in this sort of multi-choir event a couple of times before (though never gospel) and it IS a lot of fun, so I'm looking forward to it even though it kind of pains me to be singing such super-religious songs. Heh.

What I'm wishing for, right now, and for Christmas, is a little snow to lighten things up. It's SO DAMN DARK. Dark all the time. Sigh.
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I read when you post, am always glad to see you post and I do comment when I have something to say!

And I did have something to say last night, but didn't before I posted and went to sleep. That is - thank the gods that Karin came away from the accident as lightly injured as she did! And I am keeping my fingers crossed while holding my thumbs that Martin makes his plane with no problems.

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I've been a terrible commenter as well lately, for which I apologize, though I DO read all my LJ friends' posts!

From Megsie

Well. I am ALWAYS happy to see a post from you! And I love reading your updates and your thinking and your lists and, well, YOU! So. Keep writing!

I posted grades today. I gave Sarah my paperwork. So, now I am on to CHRISTMAS! The boys in my family are in Duluth at a hockey tournament. The girls decorated the house today...including putting up the tree. I have to put the lights on. Katie and I did a bit of shopping tonight and then went out to dinner. It is a start!

I love that you and Karin are singing in the car! And, I can only imagine how excited you must be to see Martin! It has gone fast for me, but I bet it has crawled by for you.

Christmas is coming! Merry, Merry!

Re: From Megsie

Christmas is only a week away!! I can't believe it is nearly here! But I am nearly ready, and VERY ready for vacation either way, haha!

I agree with the others - I love to see a post by you and always read it eagerly. I'd be happy if you posted every day, several times a day but I know you lead a full and busy life, so I'm grateful to hear from you anytime. ♥

I agree that there are too few good bloggers left. It seems everyone is on social media instead, instagramming or snapchatting their lives and that's the way of the world. I'm more a fan of the written word, so I remain in dinosaur land. I also think that once you get out of the habit of daily writing, it gets harder and harder to start again.

I've been seeing reports of widespread ice storms in the northern part of the US, so I hope that doesn't delay Martin's trip back home. I bet you can't wait to hold him again (much to his embarrassment).

Oh poor Karin. I'm so glad that it wasn't more serious, but yes, once they have a licence of some kind, there is that worry that they will be okay on the roads as you know yourself that there are so many unreliable drivers out there and the road conditions are not always optimal. I hope she and her moped are back to normal soon (Hugs)

Sadly I think there will be no snow for Christmas south of the Stockholm region, so both of us miss out :(

And in case you are still writing your wish list to Santa, I can recommend a good book - The Mothers by Brit Bennett. Great writing!

I confess to the instagram totally addicted. :)

I think you are very right about the issue with what happens once you get out of the habit of daily writing. It's REALLY hard to get started again.

I know what you mean: it was my eldest daughter's 21st birthday last month & I didn't blog about it, yet, because it would really just be for me. The few family members who blogged along with me now don't, as a rule.
I do love reading your updates, though for the life of me I can't remember whose blog led me to yours. @travelertrish, maybe, via @blueberrymoon?
Have a great time when you have Martin home again. My (21yr old) daughter left, came back after a few months, then left for university about three years ago and life never stops changing once that happens!

I kind of think of my journal as something I'm recording for posterity now, too, though. Especially since I print books of each year (2 copies, 1 for each kid). ...since we don't have written letters to document our lives anymore, I figure this is the best place for my kids and their kids and THEIR kids to get some history and a feeling for what our lives were like :)

I sort of look at this trip of Martin's as preparation for US to learn how to live without him. NOT a good feeling, though. Blergh.

See how I @-ed instead of [Unknown LJ tag] using the lj user icon? LOL. I can't even insert a code properly anymore.

Edited at 2016-12-18 04:33 pm (UTC)

LOL! If I don't use Semagic, I can never remember the proper codes!

When you post, I read it, such as your noting Karin's accident up above, and I'm glad to know she didn't have much in the way of injuries from it!

Me, too, and ditto! I always read, but I am a lame commenter nowadays!

yes, still reading. :)

did you watch the recent "midnattssol"? if you liked "bron", you might like that too.

So I've been told! Will be checking it out!


BUT, OF COURSE, I read your blogs and glad I do, since I know more about what's happening in your world in between our phone calls. And, OF COURSE, I sometimes don't get around to commenting but I am always commenting in my head- CAN"T YOU HEAR ME?? Love, Lizardmom

Haha! So that's where I get it from! :p


Me too.... What Mom says! I may sometimes even be late reading the blog posts ( like a month even) but I am here and I do eventually catch up.... So glad all are home and all are ok. But then I already knew that via Facebook.... Love Seester! Oh and speaking of my name... Bryce wanted to know who was the BEEG Leetle And who was the Leetle BEEG.... And I could not remember.. the joys of aging.... which was it?

You are the leetle seester who is beeger than me!

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