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Every year I am amazed again at how fast 365 days can pass. Here it is, the end of 2016 and Christmas is upon us once again! We’ve had a busy year with many celebrations in it and lots of traveling. There were some major milestones, and some big birthdays as well.

Anders has had a great year of mountain-biking, participating in a series of X Cup tournaments as well as doing the Cyckel Vasa for the first time, which is a race on the same track that the Vasaloppet Ski Race takes place on. His job has taken him to Italy multiple times, as well as Shanghai, so he’s done a fair bit of traveling during the course of the year.

In June, Liz and Anders celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary and had a lovely dinner at the newly opened Gastro Gaspari in Flyingeby. And Martin graduated from high school! He is now a certified diploma-carrying International Baccalaureate graduate. We celebrated his “Studenten” with a big party in our backyard with friends and family. And July was packed with fun things. We left on the 1st and landed on the east coast of the US for a week at Liz’ sister’s home in Connecticut. Our good friends Kathey and Russell joined us and we had a fantastic week, spending a day in Boston, a day in New York City, a day in Hartford and a real American 4th of July which included a picnic in the park and fireworks. The rest of the week was spent shopping, hanging out and enjoying each other’s company.

We then headed to Michigan, by way of 1 night in New York with Aunt Joanne and arrived at Liz’s mom’s on the 8th of July, the day after Liz’s brother John and family had arrived. Sarah and her kids came the day after we did, and it was a full house in the best way. So fun to have the whole family gathered together! During the month, we celebrated several birthdays: Sammy turned 5, Karin turned 17, 2 of Liz’s cousin’s kids had birthdays, and Liz’s mom turned 75. But the big birthday was part of a family reunion which snowballed from a small get-together into 63 people at the house for 3 days straight...

Liz’s grandmother turned 100 and we had 3 days of families parties to celebrate. We started with a memorial service for Liz’s Uncle Sam in Bad Axe and then had 2 days of fun and food with relatives from all over the country. Thanks to the generous use of a friend’s beach house, we had plenty of time to relax and enjoy our family and the kids. Our family went up to Traverse City to spend a couple of nights with Aunt Judy and Liz’s college roommate, and Liz, Martin and Danely took a day trip to MSU to tour the campus (and meet up with a friend from Sweden).

Martin got a couple of part-time jobs after our return, working at a café and tutoring kids. He has started the application process for 4 colleges in Michigan that have programs he is interested in, and then, on Halloween, he left for 7.5 weeks on his post-graduation trip. 6.5 weeks in Peru with his best friends Claudia & Frida, and a week in the US visiting a friend and spending a few nights with his grandma. He won’t be back until December 20, just in time for Christmas.

While he was gone, Anders, Liz and Karin went to Berlin for 4 days, sightsaw everything possible and even got to meet another one of Liz’s cousins who lives there! Karin has also been working, both continuing her soccer referee work and a new job as a telemarketer. Her junior year of high school is going well, especially since she’s got a much easier schedule than last year! She has also done some work acting, as an extra in a short student film and in a product launch video for Liz’s company!

Here’s hoping your holidays are filled with love, laughter, kindness, NO political wrangling, and hope for a peaceful and positive 2017.

Link to photos PDF: www.lizardek.com/lj_images/xmaspics_2016.pdf

Liz, Anders, Martin and Karin
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