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What a beautiful day! Even though I was mostly inside for it, WORKING, I did get out after lunch for a brisk 15-minute power walk in the bright sunshine. I admired the blue sky, and the frost on the ground and wished I'd had longer to walk. Work is BUSY. Though I actually worked the equivalent of one day during the holidays in order to not have today be super stressful, it still felt pretty crazy. I finished revising a huge important PPT for the two top people in the company, for our upcoming kickoff and that felt good to send off for final review! I'm very happy with it (as happy as one can be with a POWERPOINT), and glad of my decision to start from scratch creatively and revamp as I think it turned out rather well, if I do say so myself.

One thing I usually get before the end of the year is a calendar full of some kind of pretty images to enjoy all the coming year, but this year, I was in the States in July and they didn't have 2017 calendars available yet. I forgot to ask for one at Christmas until the last minute, so I ended up ordering one the day after for myself and it arrived a couple of days ago. It's one of those family calendars with columns for each person so you can easily see what each member of the family has coming up and plan accordingly. It's a Pettson & Findus calendar, because I love Pettsson and Findus and anything that Sven Nordqvist draws. I've had TWO paper calendars for a few years (because someone has gotten me one as a gift after I'd already bought one for myself), one that is basically just for the pretty pictures and a family-planner type, but this year I think I'll just have one. It's more of a memory-jogger anyway, since I use Outlook at work and on my phone for everything.

In a couple of minutes, I will start on my 2016 blog book project. I've already downloaded the PDFs from what used to be LJBook and is now Blogbooker. Reformatting to my own style usually takes anywhere from a few weeks to a few months depending on how much I wrote during the year...I suspect this one won't take me very long. Drr.

Made it to WW tonight after a couple of weeks break, during which I basically ate ALL THE THINGS. Nothing was safe. And now it's all gone. And over. And I'm back on the WW wagon. URGH. It's not a new year's resolution, so much as a re-focusing on the continuation of my life.

Ok, off to revisit what I was doing LAST January (probably the exact. same. thing. I'm rather predictable, I suspect).
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From Megsie

I am probably doing the exact same thing too. Such is life. I like routine though, so it is okay by me. I bet last year at this time I was lamenting that the break was almost over. I bet I was not really prepared to go back to work. I bet I was wishing for the month of January to get organized both at school and at home for a "fresh start." Ah-well. Wishes are wishes, I guess.

I will be taking another class as well as teaching this semester. I am absolutely dreading it. It is SO hard to be as student AND a teacher. I am secretly hoping that once we get our syllabus--it will be horrible. Then we will drop the class. That would be a WIN for me! But we do need one more class in order to get our writing certificate which we need to be credentialed in English. I will be teaching Freshmen Composition next fall! Yikes!

Happy New Year! xoxoxox

Re: From Megsie

I like routine, too, haha, but it's a little scary that the years start to run together and look identical!

We've also had a glorious couple of days of blue skies and sunshine, ahead of this evening's predicted snowfall. It was so cold out this morning (-8°C, compared to the 11°C we had on NYE) but so crisp and lovely (as long as you had the right clothing - ha, ha!)

Here's to a new start in the new year!

Rain, grey and wind today. Suck.


Still here.... Still the same.... still have same life goals.... Love Seester

haha! Never change, seester!

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