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How hard do you sneeze? I once worked with a woman who sneezed like a machine-gun mouse...a sort of mini rapid-fire pew pew pew, if you will. When I sneeze, it's like all my internal organs and everything inside my head are trying to come out, explosion-style. And I sneeze a lot. Multiple times every day. I start the day with a sneeze, in fact, if I don't manage to blow my nose minutes after I am awake and/or vertical. I think my sneezes have gotten more violent over the years...they actually scare me sometimes. Thanks, allergies.

My nose is super-sensitive, in general. Changes in temperature make me sneeze, sunshine makes me sneeze, dust makes me sneeze, some flowers and plants make me sneeze, and I'm pretty sure my bed is trying to kill me. That, combined with the amount of times I am forced to blow my nose each day, often makes me want to rip my head off. I'm pretty sure I'm funding the Corvette that the CEO of Kleenex is driving*. Kleenex is #100 on Forbes' list of the the World's Most Valuable Brands, in case you were wondering.

I have considered trying to count how many times I blow my nose during an average day, but I always give up after the first box of tissues. At work, when I go down for breakfast, I always grab a stash of napkins to keep at my desk for the day. It's ridiculous. And yes, I've been tested and no, I don't have any of the triggers around (except in spring), I'm not even reacting to anything, I'm just in a reactive state 365/24/7. People ask me constantly if I have a cold because I am always stuffed up, but no. It's literally just my usual state of being. The skin of my nose is so inured to blowing that I can use paper towels with no problem. I keep boxes of tissues all over the house, so they are always in quick reach. I feel obligated to tell friends and co-workers that they don't have bless me after each sneeze. I am sufficiently blessed by now.

I've tried several different procedures, and medicines and nothing really works for long. I don't want to take pills or sprays every day, so I use them sporadically. I've considered the treatment that is fairly new, where you get shots to permanently end the condition, but it's not any one thing that they could treat for. It's just my entire system in revolt. If I had developed asthma as one of the symptoms I suppose I'd be much more ready to get it taken care of, but it's just...sneezing. And an over-producing mucus factory in my sinuses. URGH.

This wasn't at all what I was going to write about, and now it's gone clean out of my everything else. Haaaa.**

We had a half-day today and tomorrow is a holiday, so yay! long weekend! We have no plans to boot, so I am hoping to get some stuff done around the house, including book purging for the upcoming media sale, and closet-cleaning, which is long-overdue. I'm already done with May in my 2016 blog book, and fully expect to be done with it and ready to print by the end of the weekend. Maybe I'll go see a movie or something.

*Google knows everything...EVERYTHING.
**Number of times I've stopped writing this post to go blow my nose: 3
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maybe you suffer from lack of astma! ever since i started treating my astma with cortisone this summer, and the symptoms of it disappeared, i have been unusually stuffy and sneezy instead! :)

and to another thing; you still save your LJ in printable format every year, don't you? what service do you use for that?

Well, I've been stuffy and sneezy for a million years, and I've had cortisone in the meantime for various things. Would rather not have asthma, anyway!

I use LJBook but this year when I went to the site, it was renamed Blogbooker. :)

Oh Liz, that sounds really miserable. I have a dreadful runny nose in the cold weather when I am outside and go through quite a few packs of those tissues you can carry with you. Just that drives me nuts, so I can't imagine it being like that all of the time.

It's not as miserable as some things I can think of but it does wear on you, that's for sure. I use a million of those little tissue packs, too. Today, I went for a walk in the sunshine (-5.5) and it was SO COLD and I had forgotten to bring a pack with me: DOUBLE DOH. Won't do that again!

I am sick to death of my own emergency Kleenex that I keep placed everywhere. Eww.

Oh, and I can't help thinking, even though it's mostly not true, "I sneeze so hard that I pee my pants a little bit." But only rarely. Double eww.

LOL. Join the club!


Well your head is worse than mine but the explosive sneeze runs in the family.... Dad, you, me... I am also getting worse as I age and sneeze when I wake up almost daily now. And no, I don't have asthma either...But my nose is so sensitive if I use anything other than Super soft Kleenex I end up abrading my nose and get a cold sore. :(

Love you Seester!!!

it's the lead-up to the sneeze that is the worst...ah, ah, AH, CHOOO!!! haha!


Thanks for not including me- although you should.
Grandma has always complained "WHY can't you sneeze quietly?"
Me: "Because I just can't!"

Haha! So the fruit really doesn't fall very far from the tree! Or both the trees, in this case, I guess! :D

From Megsie

That does sound miserable. My mom holds her sneeze in, and make a little (snn) sound. Therefore I sneeze the same way most of the time. And guess what?! So do my kids! Funny how those things get passed down. There are some sneezes that WILL NOT be held in, however. Then it sounds like a normal sneeze. I contribute to the wealth of Kleenex as well.

Re: From Megsie

I can hold in a sneeze if I must, and be quiet about it, but most of the time, it's not worth it...I'll just sneeze again.

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