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The weekends go too fast. The weeks go too fast, as do the years. I feel as if I'll wake up tomorrow and I'll be 80, looking about me with shock and confusion.

I don't really have anything to write about...or rather, I do, too much, but I don't want to put it here. Much of it is outside of my control and concerns my fears, my shock and my outrage about what is happening in the US. I sincerely do not understand how the people who voted Trump into office can not understand why so many people feel outrage and shock. I sincerely do not understand how the people who work with him can live with themselves. And the Republican politicians who are standing by and doing nothing, how can they claim to be serving the people? It must truly be all about power and self-interest and a complete lack of regard for any other opinions than their own. If there is this much fear and anger and resentment after only 1 week, where will this end?

GAH. So much for not putting it here. I think I need to take a page from my friend Sheryl's book and shut down my Facebook, my social media interaction, and stay away from the news for awhile. Bets on whether I could actually do that will be taken by my bookie: Mister HAHAHAHACRIES.

It's been a quiet weekend. We had Anders' mom and his sister and husband over for dinner last night. Karin was supposed to work today but found out she hadn't registered for a shift like she thought she had so she studied with a friend instead. Martin has 3 of 4 college applications finalized (yay!) and has asked for letters of recommendations from two of his teachers. One of the colleges told him he should hear within 1-2 weeks about his acceptance status. I don't know if that means snail mail, in which case it could actually take longer. Then we have to figure out financial aid as well. And we're talking about THIS FALL. That is not really all that far away. It's already February this week, for crying out loud.

I am struggling with several things at the moment and really would like to feel as if I have something good to help me get motivated. Sunshine, an end to so much stress at work, my shoulder to stop hurting, ...any of those would be a start. I am well aware, these are all my own first world problems and all I need is my own kick in the butt.

A friend posted info about the fact that here in southern Sweden, we have had no winter. According to Swedish meteorologists, we are still in autumn and if we make it to spring without going below 0 for 5 days in a row, we'll end up going straight from fall to spring with no winter at all. It's happened several times in Skåne, this isn't the first time by far. But climate change isn't real, so what's to worry about? GAH. Not that I won't be happy to see spring, but still. GAH!

Something good about today, to start with: watching Moana with Martin, cleaning out some clothes and books, starting what promises to be a good book (The Bear & The Nightingale by Katherine Arden)
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