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The weekends go too fast. The weeks go too fast, as do the years. I feel as if I'll wake up tomorrow and I'll be 80, looking about me with shock and confusion.

I don't really have anything to write about...or rather, I do, too much, but I don't want to put it here. Much of it is outside of my control and concerns my fears, my shock and my outrage about what is happening in the US. I sincerely do not understand how the people who voted Trump into office can not understand why so many people feel outrage and shock. I sincerely do not understand how the people who work with him can live with themselves. And the Republican politicians who are standing by and doing nothing, how can they claim to be serving the people? It must truly be all about power and self-interest and a complete lack of regard for any other opinions than their own. If there is this much fear and anger and resentment after only 1 week, where will this end?

GAH. So much for not putting it here. I think I need to take a page from my friend Sheryl's book and shut down my Facebook, my social media interaction, and stay away from the news for awhile. Bets on whether I could actually do that will be taken by my bookie: Mister HAHAHAHACRIES.

It's been a quiet weekend. We had Anders' mom and his sister and husband over for dinner last night. Karin was supposed to work today but found out she hadn't registered for a shift like she thought she had so she studied with a friend instead. Martin has 3 of 4 college applications finalized (yay!) and has asked for letters of recommendations from two of his teachers. One of the colleges told him he should hear within 1-2 weeks about his acceptance status. I don't know if that means snail mail, in which case it could actually take longer. Then we have to figure out financial aid as well. And we're talking about THIS FALL. That is not really all that far away. It's already February this week, for crying out loud.

I am struggling with several things at the moment and really would like to feel as if I have something good to help me get motivated. Sunshine, an end to so much stress at work, my shoulder to stop hurting, ...any of those would be a start. I am well aware, these are all my own first world problems and all I need is my own kick in the butt.

A friend posted info about the fact that here in southern Sweden, we have had no winter. According to Swedish meteorologists, we are still in autumn and if we make it to spring without going below 0 for 5 days in a row, we'll end up going straight from fall to spring with no winter at all. It's happened several times in Skåne, this isn't the first time by far. But climate change isn't real, so what's to worry about? GAH. Not that I won't be happy to see spring, but still. GAH!

Something good about today, to start with: watching Moana with Martin, cleaning out some clothes and books, starting what promises to be a good book (The Bear & The Nightingale by Katherine Arden)
mood: frustrated


I've been wondering what was going through your head. I'm constantly worrying about something, then irealise it's Trump (and Mrs May here in the U.K.) and I realise it's not my fault...

We had snow for 2 hours yesterday, unexpectedly, and for the second time only this "winter". We often have very autumnal winters (and spring-like summers!) but this year has been extra mild.

I hope it all slows down a bit for you!

I wish we'd get some snow, actually, though it's always a bit of a pain. We could use some light in the darkness!

Are his college applications for schools in Sweden, Canada, or the US? Most college decisions in the US these days are sent by email, or an email saying log in to get your decision, with a snail mail follow up. Best of luck with it all!

It's been a mild winter here so far too and you know how much I hate the snow, ice, and cold, but it does feel strange. There's still February to come, however, and some years that has been the worst month.

We often get more snow in March, so we'll see what happens. February is almost always grey, rainy, overcast and HORRIBLE.

Martin is applying to 4 colleges, all in Michigan. One of them still has to be completed though.

Your angst and frustration is something shared by a lot of good, caring people that I know. Just what the world needed, another narcissistic megalomaniac leader, as if we didn't have enough of them already.

I try and look at the people helping out and fighting for a change and focus on them rather than the hateful news. I do it to keep sane. And then there are things like seeing that someone bought the site and it redirects to a site describing exactly what is going on. You have to look for some humour in this crazy world.

Or even a story like this. We can't let the hate and fear win. We can't.

I'm sorry to hear that you are struggling with health, work and other issues. It all seems to pile up at times and seem overwhelming. And the looming prospect of setting your first born free out in the world - a scary time for any caring parent. I do hope that you can find some positives to grab on to. I know at times I want to retreat to a cave, with my Swede, my dog and an enormous pile of books and shut out everything else.


Thanks for sharing the story - it is wonderful -Lizardmom

It does all seem to pile up sometimes. I know things will be better eventually but right now: what a pit of despair and awfulness :(


There's ups and downs every day here -I'm trying to not read and watch so much news, BUT it's so important to know what is going on. Just trying to stay grounded and not angry. So glad to hear Martin is getting the applications off -hoping for good news for him.
I've also had a very mild January -but snow is coming down now, supposed to get 1-3" tonight and low temps for too many coming days. Love, Lizardmom

That's the thing...wanting to stay informed and being made crazy by the do you balance that? GAH.

I would much rather have snow, even as big a pain as it is, than the current overcast soddenness.

From Megsie

I am also preoccupied with my own country that doesn't feel like a beacon of hope for anyone anymore. I know there are those who are happy, but I don't understand what country they love. It certainly isn't the country I have always thought of as the United States of America. I kind of want to do a homework assignment for every American. Have everybody write what they love about America. What is great about it? Why are they patriotic? Leave politics out of it and have everyone write about the ideals that they expect. I have a feeling freedom would be on that list. And something about the American Dream. And equality. And HOPE. And maybe a government of the people, by the people and for the people... And then I would want them to look at our current president and answer honestly if he is really fighting for those ideals? How can he be?

Many of my students are Muslim, and from countries on the "list" which makes my heart break. Especially because there is a "list" and a target. I love my students. They came here because they sought freedom. Ironic. Sad. Sickening.

Re: From Megsie

I read a really good book once titled What's So Great About America by Dinesh D'Souza. I wonder if the author still thinks the way he did when it was published in 2003.

Hugs to you, and your students, by extension!

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