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I HATE being late. Hate it hate it hate it. I'm almost pathological about hating to be late. To the point of usually being early. And I hate waiting, because it means that SOMEONE else is late. And I hate it even worse when someone else makes me late, because I get SO stressed out. argh

All my positive thoughts are going to 2 things today: that my mom's flights won't be delayed by this horrible weather and that idahoswede's husband is okay.

Busy busy at work and have to leave early so gotta gooooooooooooooo!
mood: aggravated
music: REM—Me In Honey


I hope your mom arrives safely!

Thank you! :) She did!

I'm hearing you - I can't STAND being late or others making me late either. It freaks me out :)

I can feel my stress level actually rising (or is that my blood pressure) for every second when it happens. argh!

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