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My daughter just commented on the fact that the very nice, expensive, wide (genuine) leather belt that she appropriated from me is a "really good child-beater belt".

For the record, she has never been beaten with a belt or anything else. Tempting. But no.

So many things that I mean to write about, to remember to write about, to record for your amusement and for posterity*, and yet, the time goes and there is another huge hole in the calendar of my journal. I have a package to mail. I have a letter to respond to. I have pants to get hemmed. I have floors to mop. Blog posts, inevitably, seem to get shoved to the back of the to-do list.

Plus, I hate mopping.

Besides, not much has really changed since my last post: arm/shoulder still hurting, work still insanely busy, weather still sucky, money-panicking still actual.

Martin and I have been watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which is by turns hilarious and eye-poppingly inappropriate. It's like a bunch of improv artists took the cardinal rule of improv (say yes, then roll with it) and dialed it up to 100.

I woke at 4 am with a shattering headache in the middle of the week (a quite common occurrence), got up, took meds, drank water, and went back to bed, where I lay with my arm & shoulder aching, trying not to toss and turn, and my mind racing into a full blown anxiety attack about money. We did some recalculations and realized that our estimate on college expenses was off by rather a significant amount, and it's really closer to $54,000 per year, NOT INCLUDING spending money and daily necessities, that Martin will need. His scholarship from the school is a minor dent in that. Thankfully, we received the answer from CSN, the Swedish agency that deals with student financial aid yesterday and it's relieved my mind a great deal. His costs will be mostly, if not entirely covered. Most of it is loans, which comes to a shocking amount, but some of it is subsidies from the Swedish government that don't have to be paid back. We are still waiting to hear from the FAFSA (US government financial aid) and I hope some of that will be grants/subsidies as well...the more the better, please!

I'm still a bit in denial about the fact that he'll be leaving so soon. He is planning to sign up for a summer program for international students that gives credits, and it starts July 9, which is much earlier than I had been mentally preparing myself for him to be gone. And earlier than we were expecting to have to figure out plane tickets to the US again. EEK. Karin wants a trip to the States for her 18th birthday, but has to be home by the end of July for the Emmaboda music festival she has tickets for.

The entire family, all four of us, are going to see La La Land together tonight. Unheard of! Most of the time, Martin and Karin have seen everything worth seeing before we get around to realizing it's in the theaters, and it's rare that there are films that half of us, much less ALL of us want to see. Serendipitous!

I have been trying to wean myself off the insanity happening in the US government, but still find myself checking CNN and various other news sources each day to keep up on what is happening. There is a women's group here working on ways to fight back but I find myself keeping my distance, and am honestly not sure why. It all makes me so incredibly sad. How on earth we could swing so far so fast to this extreme is mind-boggling.

Anyway, the temperatures are rising, the amount of sunshine is increasing, and there are good things to look forward to. What more can I ask for?

*Which I wrote first as prosperity and then spent an inordinate amount of time staring at, knowing it was wrong, but unable to come up with the correct word.
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YAY for the Swedish Govt kicking in.... wish I had a Swedish Govt to kick in..... Still.... Already planning that we will come to see all of you in July... just let us know ticket dates.

Danely's graduation is scheduled for June 14th but if there are any more snow days that may have to change... Then we have her last bit with zookeepers to squeeze in too.
Gotta run... taking her to one of two Saturdays at the movies to view ALL of the best picture nominees with her film club group.

Love Seester.

Don't make any plans yet...could be August, we just don't know. Trying to figure out the money sitch as the summer program also costs and we don't know if we can get the financial aid now to help cover that.


The only plans we have to make by April are the dates for her to work at the zoo. :)
and we may have a hoard of teenage boys and one Mom descend on us as school lets out (Bryce's friends coming from Illinois and Texas)!

Plus get the Grandmas figured out for visiting dates as well.

Good luck working it all out, that is definitely a huge task!

One of the very active groups near me has a few people involved that I know from my previous job who I do not like. I am sure we are all on the same side of the issues but I do not want to spend my time with them. I'll show up at a protest the group promotes because then I know there will be enough people that I won't need to be hanging out with them but knowing they will be at all the events keeps me from being more active.

I wouldn't to go either, and frankly, I wonder how much all the letter-writing stuff is helping at all. Doesn't seem to be making the slightest dent in the horrible things that Congress is doing, I'm afraid.

Snap on the writing a word then staring at it for ages trying to work out if it is wrong or not :)

Those college costs are indeed scary. I'm glad that Martin can get CSN, even if a chunk of that is as a repayable loan, It's an investment in his future and most people here have a CSN debt. I hope the US will kick in with some help as well.

Early July isn't that far away ... I hope you get it all sorted by then, both the logistics of getting him there and settled and the harder bit of untying those apron strings. I know that I wanted to wrap mine in cotton wool and keep them close to me forever, but they had other ideas. Damn kids and their independence :)

I'd be interested to hear what you think of La La Land. I admit that I loathed it and was bored to tears by it, but maybe you need to like musicals (which I don't). I'm only glad that I didn't pay money to see it.

Gah on the whole US thing. And politics here is swinging dangerously to the extreme as well. I wonder why the world has become so hard and so mean.

We all liked the movie well enough, partly I think because we DO like musicals and love Emma Stone, but I sure don't get all the hype or award nominations and I definitely don't get the love for Ryan Gosling.

Politics everywhere seem to be swinging to ugly, scary extremes. :(

The hype reminds me of that surrounding Birdman a couple of years ago. I had such high expectations but was quite disappointed.

I have seen Hidden Figures, which is a solid, respectable film, and I enjoyed it. With La La Land, the story was too flimsy to hold the weight of all the references. For what it's worth, I didn't mind the ending, which many people don't seem to like. Halfway through I started thinking, "just throw the ring in the fire" (which is a reference to the grudge I still bear about The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. Heaven help Elijah Wood if he ever meets me, because I have some stern words for him about all the time he wasted farting about instead of climbing that mountain).

Edited at 2017-02-19 08:56 am (UTC)

Never saw Birdman, probably never will. So many movies I have never seen, that I am secretly glad about.

From Megsie

I am worried about your shoulder. It is so disruptive to you...and that is the time to get it looked at.

I am also shocked by the cost of college. It is such a huge problem and there is no easy solution for it. I hope the US has some grants and scholarship money that kicks right in! Fingers crossed!

There is so much to worry about right now, that I am having trouble sleeping most nights, until I get so tired that I crash. I am in a constant state of astonishment and grief and worry. I am trying to keep reading widely in order to figure out what is actually real, and what is feeding my own bias. Sometimes it helps, but most of the time it doesn't.

Re: From Megsie

p.s. Thanks for the earworm... and I take a big breath and I get real high...what's going on? UGH!

RE: Re: From Megsie

Haha! But it's a GOOD earworm!

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