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Even my mom has mentioned how neglected my blog is. I know, I know!

I survived the MRI, but it was not a pleasant experience at all, and I have to wait a week for the results, to even know if they got good enough images to use or if they will want me to do it again (please no).

It's a extra-long Easter weekend, which is nice except for the fact that I am STILL sick (coughing mostly and snucky) and Anders is sick and Karin is sick. The kids and I actually colored eggs on Thursday, something I thought they would refuse to do, so I was happy, even though it took about 15 minutes, haha!

We had Anders' family over for Easter buffet last night and neither Anders nor I felt very well. I had some weirdness going on with feeling bloated and heartburny, and he was running a fever. Hard to be cheerful and hospitable but we made it through the evening at least. It snowed almost all day, believe it not. Huge fat white fluffy flakes which at least didn't stick. It was freezing cold as well. Today was better, mostly sunny and not SO cold, but it's still quite chilly for this time of year!

We both have tomorrow off, too, which is more day to try to recover fully from these stupid non-ending colds. I feel like I haven't gotten a damn thing done in weeks due to not feeling up to anything strenuous. I haven't even clipped the roses down and I suspect it is probably too late now.

But the lilac bushes are all starting to bud, and the cherry tree is about to burst into bloom, and the hawthorn bush/tree in the back is a glorious splendor of popcorny white flowers. Yay for spring!
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Sorry to hear you are still NOT well.... And that Anders and Karin are under the weather as well!!!!

SNOW!!!! you should have NOT colored the Easter eggs and then hid them outside MUAHAHAHA. My kids chose not to color eggs... sad face for me here.

We had 86 degrees and sunny!!! YAY! we played pick up sticks in the yard from the winter storms.... it was a lot of sticks. then Tom and I walked along the Farmington river. We came home to make banana daiquiris and sit on the deck until the fresh smoked pork was ready for me to pull using my new BBQ claws, served it with my home made potato salad and fresh homemade coleslaw. That made it SOOOOOO easy.. you all have to come visit again now that we have the game room done.

Love Seester

STILL not well. This weekend has been a bust. Coughing my head off, snucky as all get out, and lethargic, to boot. I haven't done a damn thing all weekend except lay around, read, play ipad games and eat. And sleep. And cough. *cough*



BBQ claws? Rowr!


Sad face on the STILL!!! :(

If I lived closer I would make you my homemade chicken noodle soup and you would be ALL better fast.

sending whiskey with hot lemon and honey mixed in... and yes you will drink it it is medicine!!! But for the cough.... fresh pineapple juice is the BEST!!! better than any cough drop.

From Megsie

I had that cough. ICK. It was not fun. I am still coughing every once in a while, but I think that might be normal. I don't like it though. NO COUGHING is best.

I sure hope you feel better soon! xo

Re: From Megsie

I am FINALLY feeling like I am back to normal, 3.5 weeks later! GEEZ!

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