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I don't know what to write about. How lame. Ideas?
mood: guilty

From Megsie

Write about Sweden. How wonderful it is. What a great place it is. Etc. I kinda wish the U.S. was more like Sweden these days. How are you, anyway? Did your MRI solve any problems? Oh! And, book recommendations? Summer is coming!


Re: From Megsie

Talking to the doctor tomorrow (FINALLY) about the MRI results... since it's been more than 2 weeks with no treatment I feel like it's just getting worse and worse again. GAH.

Am thinking about a wonderful Sweden post... :)


You can always write about your fabulous sister or your crazy brother...

:) Seester

haha! Start your own damn blog!


How about... what you love?
... what you wish you had known when you graduated
... what would you change?
... The best things that ever happened in your life
... What's your favorite poem (book, song) and why
... The funniest thing that's happened to you
... Your favorite childhood memory

Is that enough to get you started?
Love, Lizardmom

You could tell us why you feel guilty.

Because I feel like I should be posting more than I am.

write, right?

Write about the accomplishments you have made.
Write about anything new in your life.
Write about something you have discovered.
Write about your skills.
Write about now, the funk soul brother, check it out now, the funk soul brother. (google - Fat Boy Slim - Rockafeller Skank lyrics)

the witty, the daring, the unbelievable... so many things. the good news, Not repeat news, Make news. something to tell your grandchildren. or your Niece or Nephews. someone you love. Write in future tense, but do not be tense about the future. Something that you find interesting. even if it is mundane, ordinary, or fantasticly made up. Like that word there. it should be in a dictionary. like the one you gave me one time.

Ask questions, not about the obscure, but the obvious. Because those are the questions no one is asking. everyone has one of those questions. like - When is this post ever gonna end? the Obvious answer is when I run out of things to write. the Obscure answer is, why would I want to stop...

Don´t write about Lame, complaints, or Politics, (all synonyms) Leave all that behind. No Aches, Pains, or Regrets. Nothing that reveals too much. Write about something we would have even more questions about. Even when you describe it in complete detail. Let us read and feel what you mean. or make it completely meaningless.

Write about the wonders of your world. And I do not mean the all girl group, and what you had to eat. unless of course it was absolutely delicious and delectable. Like that one time. You know...

Maybe you could write to us about ideas on Pinterest. you know the ones that hold your interest?

Just don´t post pictures of your food, and let us decide which 1000 Words we would use to describe it, in case we wanted to write it down for posterity. or a Blog.

Write about People. Places. Parts. Pictures. Pork chops. like the ones Simone made for Dinner. (with Apples and Onions in a Beer and white wine sauce...mmm. Delicious, it was.) With White Coconut rice. Salad with a dressing made with deep livid Green and swirly Black Pumpkin Seed Oil. so dark and intense it makes your salivary glands kick in when you think about it. Drool. Served in the dining corner with the panoramic Windows, just as the sun was going down - lighting up the clouds and basking the Mountains in an amazing glow of Pinks, Purples and the white of freshly fallen snow. (yes, we had snow last week. 3 Days to be exact. - Simone pulled the Sleds back out of the basement for some slipping and sliding down these hills worthy of the Sound of Music.)

See how I did that? works every time. just tap and type. Write. Right? it wasn´t 1000 words, but it could have been. but I do not want to write a Novel. or a Blog.

Over and out. finally the end. although I could go on, and on, and on... but then I wouldn´t have anything to tell you when we talk on the phone next time.


Re: write, right?

You obviously need a blog of your own. Can I just copy and paste your comment as a post? :D

Go right ahead

Copy and Paste this....

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