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There's nothing quite like the feeling of satisfaction you get from cleaning out a closet. Even if you mostly just tidy and don't purge that much, it still feels like a big accomplishment. We have no plans this weekend...well, at least *I* don't...Anders is still painting the window trims on the house and Karin worked 10-4 today, came home to shower and change, and left again for the evening/night. It's like we're already empty nesters.

Anyway, since I had no plans, I have been taking it pretty easy. The weather has been so changeable: sunny one second, cloudy and raining the next, then starting over. It makes for some very dramatic skies. I slept in, had a leisurely lunch and then spent the day alternating between reading, playing iPad games, and cleaning closets.

I started with our big walk-in and went through piles of stuff, then I went through my hanging clothes, then I went through the frames that are in the closet IN the closet. I filled 5 bags with things to donate to the annual village flea market and 2 bags of things to throw away. Then I cleaned out one of the closets in the computer room (which involved cables...yes, again). I have three things to photograph and write descriptions of that I'm going to try to sell, as well. Next up: front hall closet. My life is exciting, no?

There's nothing else new to report and I'm going to go continue my other two activities from the day. I wish you all a lovely weekend!
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