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My Mom is here! :)

I left work at 3 p.m. yesterday and headed off to Copenhagen. It was the crappiest weather all day, piss-rain as the Swedes say, and a bit windy, but apparently didn't affect her flight from Innsbruck hardly at all, and her connecting flight from Amsterdam was only 10 minutes late. I drove over a completely fogged in Öresund bridge, which was a little weird as I reached the high point and saw the pylons disappearing into nothingness above me. Then into the tunnel and completely forgot that the exit to the airport is IMMEDIATELY as you exit the tunnel. It's stupidly marked with only the word "Lufthavn" which is Danish for airport, doesn't even say Kastrup or AIRPORT which you would think would be a good idea for such a huge international airport. If you're not in the far right lane as you exit the tunnel, it's nearly impossible to get over in time, so of course I shot past it, thinking "oh shit" just as I went by. Luckily, the next exit to turn around isn't that far away and I got back with no problems. Mom took about 20 minutes to get off the plane and through baggage claim. It's SO great to see her!!

We went straight to the concert "hall" as I had to be there at 5 to help move furniture and start warm-up. The building was the new surgery center at the Malmö hospital and we were in a big open area with an atrium ceiling going up 5 stories. The acoustics were wonderful! The concert went really well, despite not enough chairs for the audience and we messed up a little bit on a super-fast round version of "Midnatt råder" but I don't think anyone noticed except us. Mom and I went out for Thai food afterwards (because we were starving) with my old friends Geir & Ann Sofie who are in town for a week before moving permanently to Texas. We are buying a DVD player from them but couldn't pick it up last night, bummer!

Then we got home and Mom unpacked and gave us piles of loot and this was APART FROM Christmas loot! :) Spice cake mix! Yum! and 2 lovely new shirts. Anders got some spicy beef jerky and something called "Spicy Buffalo-Wing Style Chicken Chunks" which I'm not sure I'd ever actually purchase. The hilarious part was that the marketing messages on both packages of MEAT products said "100% PROTEIN!" What marketing genius thought that up?!

I've got a headache again. That makes every day this week so far. Not sure if it's my glasses or my computer or the barometric pressure or the nighttime clenching or what. I feel like I'm constantly squinting at work and have even increased the resolution on my computer to see if that helps (no).

Tonight is finish-decorating-the-tree-and-do-laundry night. Tomorrow we have a Christmas concert to go to if we want (not sure we want, but the tickets were free). We have family events on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (!!) and my brother and Simone arrive on Sunday.

My sister wrote me yesterday and told me her daughter had been quarantined for 2 days with head lice from school and they are having to wash and wet-vacuum every fabric surface in the house and go through all their heads with a fine-tooth comb and use special lice-killing shampoo, etc. This has never happened to my children although there have been outbreaks at the daycare a few times, and mom says it never happened to us kids either. I'm SO grossed out by the whole thought of it. ICK! *shudder* Poor Sarah!

Goodness, that was a long entry. I keep thinking of things I want to write down, or write about, when I'm nowhere near my computer. Interesting things. MAN, I wish this greyness would lift and give us some sunshine!!
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So great that your mum is there!! That's really lovely - I love that about this time of year :)

Me, too! :) I just wish my sister could have come, that would have made this Christmas complete. But I'm so GLAD that John and Mom will be here, otherwise, it would have been 3 Christmas' in a row away from MY family. :(

That must be hard :( This is our first all together for a while and I can't wait. Great that you have your brother and mum though!

YAY! It is so great that your mom is here for christmas and that your brother is coming too. I hope you have the very best time with them all. *smile*

A few months after my mom died, my brother in law took my sister away for a week, because she was having such a hard time dealing with it. He arranged a lovely Mexico vacation and surprised her with it. Their kids were parceled out to my grandparents and one of my brothers but I ended up picking up both kids and going to thier home with them, because they both got ill. I stayed one extra night after sister got home from Mexico. A couple days later she called in tears and told me that they had contacted head lice in Mexico and now all of them had it and I should check too. Sure enough, myself and my ex had them and like your sister, I had to do the wet vac thing. It is an experience I never want to repeat. *laugh*

It just gives me the willies reading about it! My head itches after reading your entry, LOL!

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no, but it's the first Christmas in Sweden. We couldn't go home the last 2 years for Xmas and won't go next one either because we're going in the summer instead. My brother has been to Sweden many times and my mom nearly every year. My poor sister has only made it once though, and it was when Martin was 3-months old and in our old house. (we've seen her in the meantime, in the States, though).

Welcome, Mom, to Sverige, have a great time, and if you wonder why YOU have had a headache every single day this week, just read your schedule once again. I get a headache just thinking about it.

I'll make sure my mom reads your message :) Thanks!! And I don't REALLY wonder why I have a headache... :) *lol*

What a great post! Welcome to Sweden, lizard mum! It sounds like a really busy but wonderful Christmas. I think Christmas is all about being with those you love and remembering the important things in life. Having said that, I still love presents! :)

Enjoy having your mum there.

haha! I'm going to call her lizardmum from now on, I'm sure she'll be thrilled! In fact, maybe I'll get her set up on LJ with that username, whaddaya think? Here's hoping you get lots of presents...assuming you've been a good girl, Marie. :P

I love it! Lizardmum would be the coolest nickname for someone who is, I am sure, as cool as your mom is! :)

Glad she's here to visit you! Er...glad she's THERE to visit you. If she was HERE, she'd have to settle for visiting me. :)

Me, a good girl? Men, självklart!

Kära Fru Ödla!
Jag citerar:

"We have family events on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (!!) and my brother and Simone arrive on Sunday."

...och du undrar varför du har ont i bollen! :-D

En riktigt trevlig julhelg verkar det bli, med dina släktingar på besök. Jag kan tänka mig hur uppspelta ungarna är när Mormor kommer.
Ha en ljuvlig jul!

Tack, det samma! (and yes, the kids are VERY wound up :)

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