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Today was meant to be a slug day, too, but I woke up super early in pain (AGAIN), same as last weekend, and couldn't get comfortable or back to sleep for several hours. I've already been this past week to the doctor and gotten a time booked for an ultrasound (in 2 weeks) to have my gallbladder checked, since it happened last weekend and my brother yelled at me, but now I'm just hoping I don't have an acute episode beforehand. URGH.

So, when I finally DID get up, I showered and dressed, and then, thumbing my nose at both Megsie and Ozswede, I cleaned the toilets, the sinks and Windexed all the glass & mirrors in the house. THEN I basically did nothing the rest of the day. Unless you count going to watch Karin's soccer game IN THE RAIN. But then I took a nap. So... slug...ish.

Anyway. I got the confirmation results letter from the allergy clinic and it was addressed to "Bästa ELIZABETH SLAUGHTER EK!" which made me laugh. Very enthusiastic greeting, allergy nurse! I think all healthcare correspondence should start with your name in all caps, the fact that you are BEST and an exclamation point. It confirmed that I am allergic to birch (like crazy) but NOT allergic to cats or dogs. Which, wait, what? Does that mean I can get a cat? (barring my allergic husband, I mean) Or will I just redevelop cat-allergies if I do?

I'm continuing on the board of the AWC again for next year, because I'm ridiculous. But I figure if I DON'T, then there will be pretty much no reasons left to ever leave the house (apart from work, of course). I need to up my social game. With Martin gone and Karin basically treating home as a hotel/restaurant when she deigns to spend a few hours here, I seem to be having more alone time than is really healthy for me. Maybe I should sign Anders and I up for a course or something.

The AWC board elections are in a week but we already have a full slate of excellent nominees for the board, for which I'm really grateful. We even found an enthusiastic person to take over the Treasurer position, which had us all worried for awhile. We've had a slew of new members this past month and about a dozen people who have rejoined in response to my membership drive email to people who were deactivated by the former membership officer a year and a half ago.

Choir did start 2 Thursdays ago, but the jury is still out on the new choir leader. She's enthusiastic, but quite young and inexperienced. I don't know if she's up to dealing with the demands of this one, and we've had lots of people drop out, which is a bummer, though not totally unexpected. And while we DO have some new people, we have yet to mesh in any meaningful way. We'll see. I'll give it some time, but I'm already thinking that if it doesn't make me as happy going as it did a year and a half ago, then it's better to try to find another choir that DOES. I do not want to spend time doing things that don't bring me joy, and while singing DOES, normally, there are other factors playing against it here. URGH.

I went to watch Karin's soccer game this afternoon. Karin had asked me and I said maybe, if it wasn't raining. It was a lovely day all day UNTIL right before the game was supposed to start, then the skies went dark, opened up and let loose. Thunder, too! I waited a little bit but it didn't see to want to quit, so finally I thought, oh what the hell, and I went anyway. I had just waterproofed my raincoat, after all.

Good thing, too, since it poured ceaselessly throughout the game, even though the sun came out in the last half, too. Crazy fall weather. They lost 4-0 but played the second half pretty well, considering they were up against one of the best teams (Karin's former teammates from Sandby) in the series. I haven't been to watch Karin play in ages, (insert bad mom slap here), so it was nice to see her in action.

I need another weekend, I think.
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A slug day TOO? There is no "too" as you haven't had the first one. As reigning olympic champion in both Slug and Sloth I think I need to head south and handcuff you to a comfy chair with a book so you understand what it's all about :)

I’ve had gallstones and actually had a cholecystectomy when I was 30. The attacks leading up to it were very painful – I remember the pain being more to the upper right side of the abdomen, but it might be worth having an ultrasound on the basis of what you’ve experienced. I hope you’re feeling so much better today.

I'm amazed that you are still with AWC, but at least you have people finally volunteering to help out with various positions. Maybe it won't all land in your lap again. And you saw "pretty much no reasons left to ever leave the house" as though that's a bad thing. It's my idea of heaven.

Standing out in the rain watching kids play soccer - that brings back memories! Don't send the rain here, we are liking the sunshine.

I think you need to head south, too! It's been too long since you were in this part of the country! (and Thanksgiving is coming up, hint hint!)

It WAS a slug day, though, they BOTH were! That's about as sluggy as I can GET. :D Not having plans, not going anywhere, not having anyone over, totally counts!

From Megsie

I don't appreciate the thumbing of your nose. I was merely stating that you were not being precise in your use of the word "slug" that's all. I happen to have a working knowledge of it. I could also train you in if Ozswede fails at the chaining you to a chair.

I hope you are feeling better. :(

I, too, have watched many a sporting event with an umbrella. Not that the umbrella actually keeps you dry, but it makes it look good.


Re: From Megsie

I didn't even HAVE an umbrella, can you believe it! But since my husband had just re-waterproofed my raincoat, I was fine :)

I am feeling much better today, so I am hoping that will be the end of it, at least until I can get confirmation from the ultrasound one way or the other.

And I thumb my nose at Ozswede, too. This is ME we are talking about after all. I was as sluggy as sluggy can be, FOR ME. hahaaha!


I think signing you and Anders up for something is a fantastic idea. Good luck on finding the right something! :)
I'm glad that the AWC board has a bunch of excellent volunteers -although I still think time-off stuff like that is a good thing. Sometimes everyone one of us needs to be in a slugfest. Although it's long past time for me to get out of one!! Love, Lizardmom

Yes, but what? He's only into mountain biking at the moment. Hm....ponder ponder

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