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Remember this?

At least that one washed off eventually...

She's been talking about it for a long time. I am not sure why she has been so set on getting a tattoo, but she was determined that it be something that had meaning for her and when she finally came up with the idea for 4 acorns and oak leaves (Oak = Ek, get it?) she was convinced it would be perfect. She even asked me if I would design it for her, but I demurred. Not because I didn't want to design a cool tattoo but because I kinda didn't want my perfect daughter to do something so irreversible, at least not without thinking about it for awhile longer. Like maybe YEARS awhile longer, haha! BUT I am fine with it, I think it was done very well (even if I could wish it was a smidge smaller) and I applaud the sentiment. Four acorns for the four of us in the Ek family. :) Anyway, now it's done and there's no use crying over spilled ink. And she's happy as all get out about it, so there's that. She didn't even have to pay for it, since 4 of her friends gave it to her for her 18th birthday.

PS. That big bruise above it is from soccer, not the tattooing.
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From Megsie

I am glad she loves it and that you are okay with it. I am not a tattoo all. Almost every single one of my students have at least one, and many have whole limbs covered, so I am very used to them. I just don't want MY KIDS--my own kids--to get any. Not rational, but I reserve the right to not be rational. It is just too permanent. Piercing? Fine. You can take them out. Hair weird colors? Fine. Hair changes back. Tattoo fail? No changing that!

That being said, Karin's is very tasteful and meaningful! It looks great, so no fail there.

You are a cool mom. :)

Re: From Megsie

I'm not exactly a tattoo person myself, though I can definitely admire the artistry that is often involved. I don't really want my kids to get any either, since I also think that they are rather too young (knowing full well that they would both be rolling their eyes reading this) and that tattoos are too permanent. But I respect their right as adults to make their own decisions about their bodies, etc., and have to hope that their decisions will not be something they regret later on. :)

I very much like her tattoo. However, although I have 3 myself, I do think it is both unwise to get them too young and also to get the first one in such a prominent place. That she chose something very symbolic to her is a good thing. My step-son went with his friends and they all got tattoos around the age of 19. He got his on his shoulder blade and although it is a nice one, he now regrets it mostly because it was a standard Maori design and has nothing to do with him, either culturally or personally.

All of mine are only visible should I choose them to be. I used to work in the Federal court system and certainly in the late 1900s, walking into court with tattoos was usually reserved for those being indicted and tried. I certainly shudder now when I see quite young people with whole sleeves or even facial work.

Well, I have to hope for the best, both concerning her judgment and her possible regrets, later. :) Facial work makes me shudder, as well. And while I can admire (from afar) the art often involved in whole sleeve tattoos, I really really hope neither of my kids ever go that far.

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Sounds like your opinion is the same as mine. I think she picked a perfect design since it means something important to her. But I'm not a fan of tattoo's personally. Nice of her friends to give her such a birthday gift (one she really wanted)! Love, Lizardmom

Yeah, I agree. I do wish it was smaller, though!


It is beautiful and meaningful. Love it, but that said I would wish the same as you, smaller. Danely wishes one for herself as well and has been thinking on it for many years, although as of yet still none(that I know of). I wanted one for a long time but my fear of needles ( and pain) kept me from getting one. My daughter has the same fears so maybe she will never get one. BUT if she did I would wish it to be as beautiful and meaningful to her as Karin's is to her.
Love ya cool Mom! Seester

Same here. I thought about it for year (a little lizard!) but no thanks on the needles!

Cool tattoo!

I'm not a lover of tattoos, but I gather that makes me an old fuddy duddy. My son has none, but my daughter has quite a few. I shudder every time I see them and ask silently "Why?"

She may find that she has to cover them in some workplaces, especially internationally. I know that L-G's daughter was told in no uncertain terms to keep hers covered when she was working overseas for several Swedish NGOs. She of course thought they were being unreasonable, but I think it may take some time for the negative sterotype surrounding them to disappear.

That said, it is a design that means something to her and I'm a firm believer in "each to their own"

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