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Pizza is never on my go-to menu wish list.

I really don't understand people who think gun control will not help with the gun violence problems in America.

I fear abandonment more than death.

If you are driving under the speed limit in front of my car, I'm probably swearing at you under my breath.

My oldest friend messaged me yesterday to say she was coming to London in March and wanted to plan a trip over to see me before or after and I literally squeed (squeeed? how many eeees does that word get?) out loud.

I'm a hypocrite in more than one way (and I bet you are, too).

I would prefer that you just unfriend me instead of being abusively vocal about your differing point of view.

If you don't see it in my house, I might have regifted or thrifted it. Sorry/not sorry.

Sometimes I play Cribbage on my iPad just to feel closer to my sister (but I'd rather be playing with her).

I want a cat again. I really, really want a cat again.

When I look around my house at all my books, I worry sometimes what will become of them after I'm gone.

I re-write lists like this so that all the sentences don't start with "I".

Q-tips / ears ...need I say more?

Your turn.
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My Day 3 tomorrow, I will do this.

I hear you on pizza (and very much on gun control!)

I won't unfriend you over your ridiculous stance on Vegemite. We can settle it with an arm wrestle :)

My ridiculous CORRECT stance on Vegemite, you mean.

I think we both know that I don't mean that at all. Prepare to fight!

From Megsie

Oh, okayyyy. But only a short list.

1. Whenever I am doing anything, I am always thinking about other things I should be doing.

2. My house is always messy. I hate that about myself, but I hate housework more. (HOUSE ELVES SHOULD BE REAL.)

3. I love my job. AND I hate my job.

4. I eat waaay to much junk food, mostly because it is an instant way to eat. (If I had a house elf to cook for me, maybe I would eat better.)

5. I feel guilty about any little thing. I try not to, but even if I say I don't, I am usually lying.

6. Grammar is something I fear.

7. The thing I love best of all is laughing. When I am with a friend and we get to that stage where we can't stop--that is the BEST time ever. (And, I usually don't drink, but it happens often. I am so lucky.)

8. I might be judging your lack of love for pizza a bit. I can't get my head around that. (See above for instant eating.)

9. This list is much longer than I expected it to be. It is kinda fun! xo

Re: From Megsie

Some of these could have been my confessions, too!

Oh gun control. I think it's greed and funding and all money-related, as well as arms-dealing related. The NRA and U.S. government have been in bed together for ages. When it comes to your average hick, they seem convinced that people who want gun control want to control THEIR RIGHTS as a citizen. Yet, some of them admit to me that they see no need for automatic weapons to be used by anyone other than our military, and I agree. But those who are not hicks, who conceal carry in a city like Chicago (and I have one friend who does) I think is connected more to fear due to OTHERS with guns. I'm in the camp that doesn't pick up guns due to that same fear.

While I would love to live in a nation where no one kept guns at all, I will be pleased if the U.S. puts more restraints on what can and cannot be purchased, and how many weapons, and by whom.

...Sorry. As you know, this is an ongoing issue and seems to be getting worse in the U.S., so I felt the urge to write some of it out!

It does seem to be getting worse. I don't understand why people think having more guns would help. It's the same demented policy that led to nuclear stockpiling!


Cribbage.... I just don't play without you... Is that why after a HALF century you can finally win occasionally????


No confessions to make as I am a wide open book. no secrets at all....

LOVE YOU AND MISS you more!!!!!

haha! I've always been able to beat you SOME of the time! But I am definitely sharpening my skills for the next time we meet, muahahaha!

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