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I was going to come home from choir and write a post. A good post. A long one, full of musings and interesting theories and anecdotes about my life. But, 5 minutes after I got home, and got the computer turned on, Karin called and needed to be picked up, and I had to leave again, and it put me in a bad mood (for other reasons than that she needed to be picked up) and then since I was grumping, I thought about other things that have been aggravating me this week, and by the time I got back home, I was really not in the mood to write anything coherent, much less interesting. So I'm taking my grumpy ass to bed and I'll try again tomorrow. SUCK.
mood: cranky
music: None, damnit.


I hope you got a good sleep -as that really helps with seeing things in a different light - morning light is filled with graciousness and hopefulness, where as evening light can drop one down...unless you stop, and look for the wonder and magic in the night. Then finding the gratefulness in it. It's always a work in progress...trying to see the positive in everything and raise it up. Love, Lizardmom

Probably a big part of the problem: not enough good, solid sleep. Gah. Flump.

I know the feeling well. I hope that a good night's sleep has taken the edge off the angst. And that all sharp knives are well hidden :)

I have spent today actively talking myself out of my bad mood. It's working, sort of.


Talking oneself out of it- that works , IF we listen to ourselves. But moving ourselves also works. Looking at things in a different light, a different're on the right track...Just keep going. You could always just walk over to me, well, okay you'ld have to swim long distance or become a bird. A list of gratitude really does work. Good thing Thanksgiving is arriving shortly - I love each of us around the table telling one thing we are really grateful for -it enlarges all our hearts. Enlarging our hearts is what life is all about. Love you much, Lizardmom

From Megsie

I feel bad following your mom's sweet comment about gratitude...which I whole hardily agree with...


My favorite part of this post was this:

music: None, damnit.

I am sorry your misery made me laugh. Out. Loud.

Re: From Megsie


Re: From Megsie

I am not sorry because your commenting on her post made ME laugh out loud. Thanks Megsie!


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