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This has been crazy week. Something every single evening:

Monday - WW, where I expressed disappointment that my scale at home in the morning showed I had lost more than the scale at WW in the evening and was told that "you can't trust your scale at home". Which? What? Why not, WW? SO YOU CAN GET PAID MORE? Give me a break. (it was because it was morning, that's why, and I was getting ready to shower and hadn't eaten anything, so there)

Tuesday - AWC monthly meeting with 2 guest speakers and the annual holiday cookie exchange, which I organize, even though this year, I really thought I shouldn't do it because COOKIES and ZERO WILLPOWER AROUND COOKIES and DAMN IT. I ate cookies for 2 days then I hid them in the back of the freezer and told Anders they were gone. I made Iced Peppermint Sugar Cookies, which were delicious.

Wednesday - Extra choir practice to prepare for concert

Thursday - (that's today) Choir concert. I had to sing a solo because my duet partner couldn't make it. We sang in the train station in Eslöv which echoes like crazy, to the commuters coming home from work. It was freezing, you could see our breath. But it sounded like a cathedral...if you didn't count the bonging bells before train announcements and the clattering and chatting of many many people and a bunch of obnoxious teenagers who were just hanging out being loud. Oh, and the pianist who we've never worked with before (he was asked special to come play for us tonight so our director playing the WRONG music for one song. We managed, but that particular song was embarrassing.

Friday - WOOT END OF THE WEEK. We're decorating for Christmas at work. Then I'm going to see my friend Camilla's new apartment and eat (a very small amount) of sushi with her and Debbie.

Then it's only 5 days until Gall Bladder Removal Day, assuming that when my doctor said he wanted me to lose a ton of weight, he was thinking 6-ish kilos was a ton of weight.

All that and work, too. I need a nap.
mood: busy
music: I can hear the cookies calling me from here


"This has been crazy week. Something every single evening"

You mean there are weeks in your life that aren't like this?

I had to smile at Weight Watches night being followed by Cookie Night. Just as well it wasn't the other way around - ha, ha! You with cookies sounds like me with mince pies. I still haven't assembled them as I know I'll just vacuum them up. I will wait until Sunday, then break out the elastic waisted pants.

You are singing Christmas carols already *hairy eyeball from L-G*

Now only four days till surgery. I hope that it all goes well and that it fixes your problems once and for all. I think you've done well to lose 6 kg, especially given the temptation of Thanksgiving, Pie Night and Cookie Exchange. I put on weight just reading about it.

We didn't even sing any Christmas carols, actually! It was all pop songs, plus Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah!

I don't know why I thought it must be carols - maybe because that's the only time I've seen choirs singing in public places like malls and stations. L-G has forgiven you.

From Megsie

Even though it was cold and the audience may not have been as attentive as is optimal, it sounds like fun to sing in a public venue like that!

WW DOES want you to depend on them. That is why it works so well...I tried to do it on my own without them, to no avail. Although that might have something to do with my commitment. (Maybe everything to do with my commitment.)

I will be sending you all sorts of strength and healing for your gall bladder surgery. I sure hope this solves EVERY PROBLEM. And you will feel GREAT after you are all healed up.

6 kelos sounds like a HUGE amount to me! :)


Re: From Megsie

7 kilos as of this morning, woohoo! Hoping I can get down another half or so before Wed. :D


Thinking of you lots.

I wish I had your willpower! Your Doctor should be thrilled with the 6 kilos especially if you explain all the temptations. I gained another two pounds! Other than Thanksgiving weekend with the travel and well PIE! I did pretty well with servings and proper eating (no other junk)
I am still walking between 3 and 5 miles a day so this not losing anything is getting kind of depressing.

I shall continue thinking of you and sending healing and love and "NO DON'T EAT THAT!" thoughts.

Well, if I had eaten as much as I WANTED to after Thanksgiving, I would have gained a lot more than just two pounds! And I heard about your pies: WHOA.

Are you power walking or just strolling or ? I don't think walking along helps lose have to be really good about what you eat, portion control, etc., too. It's SO HARD. UGH.

Miss you, calling later! XO

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