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I get the feeling that even though people are posting, they're not reading or at least not commenting, because everyone is so busy. I know I'm barely managing to post.

Today is the 7th anniversary of my father's death.

It's a grey day outside and we have enough-for-a-small-army grocery shopping to do for the food we need for the next several days. Then we're going into Malmö for dinner somewhere and finally to Anders' sister's house for her husband's birthday cake & coffee.

I'm dreading hitting the stores on Monday for the last few Xmas presents, as it's already insane out there. I got my hair cut and colored yesterday and it looks good. I love my hairdresser. I've been going to her for about 3 years now, and before that I thought I would NEVER find a hairdresser in Sweden that could deal with my curly hair. All the Swedes have stick-straight and usually baby-fine hair, so mine just perplexes the professionals.

I'm almost looking forward more to Friday than to Christmas because we're going out for sushi and Return of the King, LOL!
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I'm a non-posting reader lately too!

You'll love Return of the King. It's so well done, and even the die-hard book fans can't be too disappointed. They didn't actually change anything in this one. Some things left out, of course, because you can't have everything, but this one was less changed than the previous two. I can't wait till this one's extended version comes out, and having one long viewing session (all snacks prepared in advance, of course! :) What fun that would be.

I'll comment for you and commiserate with you on your anniversary. We never forget, do we? I lost my Dad in 1994 on September 7th and my mom on March 22nd of 1992, and sometimes, it's still so sharp in my memory that I can't believe it's been nearly 10 and 12 years.

No we never do. Thanks for the commiseration and I'm sending some back to you for having lost both your parents, even if it is was 10-12 years ago.

Oh, I missed that line. I shouldn't skim.

I lost my mom the day before my birthday 10 years ago. It doesn't seem like that long at all. So I sympathize, and send good thoughts. It never goes away. But it does get a bit easier. But there are days... *hugs*

I'm so sorry to hear about your mom!! :( and having it close to your birthday doesn't help any. I know having dad's death so close to Christmas (along with my beloved cat) was awful and puts a lot of extra emotional weight around the holidays that is sometimes tough to deal with.

I'm reading!

Sorry about your dad. I can't imagine losing one of my parents. :(

What's up with hairdressers here? This is one of the reasons I gave up the short, short hair. I never could get them to cut it like I wanted it. I even brought pictures and they would still give me some generic short haircut. I know what my hair will do so it's not like I took some unrealistic pic. They don't really get my hair either which is partially wavy and either has to be straightened or made extra curly.

I couldn't imagine it either, but when my dad was sick for so long, I was actually mentally prepared for it by the time he did die. It's just so sad because he could have done things to prevent it, and didn't. I can't imagine losing my mom, though. I don't know what I'll do when the time comes :(

Your hair sounds JUST like mine! Does it do the poodle thing here too? :)

With humidity? Yes. I laughed hysterically at that Friends episode with Monica's Diana Ross hair.

I'm another one who's reading mostly and posting little. And you guessed the reason! It takes brain power to think of things to say back to people, and I'm short on brain power with so much going on. :)

Again, I'm sorry about your dad's passing. I've lost grandparents, though not parents yet, and I know I remember them especially on the anniversaries of their deaths. You know...before I knew anyone who passed away, I thought it would hurt for a while and then you'd just kind of forget. But it's not like that at all! I think about my grandpa every single day and it makes me at least a little bit sad every day. He passed away almost 4 years ago (March 15, 2000).

About ROTK, I'm scheduled to see that on Sunday. I told cetan time and again that there was no way we should waste the money on me seeing it in the theater. My reaction to the first movie was "Pretty movie, but it's all closeups of the ring in someone's palm, battle scenes, and male weeping". I wasn't impressed and I said it would be a waste for me to see the second one in the theater.

Of course, I did. I get dragged into it with my friends and sat through another VERY PRETTY movie with less male weeping but even more battle scenes! cetan and I talked about it afterwards a LOT, and he says that I would have liked the DVD extended version much better, because they have more character and plot development in it with more scenes. I think he must be right, so I MIGHT try that out. I don't know.

Anyway, I am getting taken to the 3rd movie on Sunday, and I am not prepared. I am worried about being bored for close to 4 hours right before Christmas when I have stuff to doooooo!!!!


Anyway, I hope you like it and I hope I like it.


Just a comment from a "more mature" (read old) lady to those who have lost somebody, and I truly believe this. As long as they are still remembered, they aren't truly dead, just a little harder to reach. What better comment can you make about a person that's gone than to remember them with love and affection for years after they have left that space in your physical life?

a very good point. I think about my dad and my grandparents often and feel they are still "here" because of it. Although sometimes the sadness that my dad never got to meet my children is awful. (unless, as my mom suspects, he's been reborn in one of them! *smile*)

This might sound a little creepy to some, but I still talk to my mom. She and I were always more like best friends than mother and daughter and there was never that teen-aged conflict. Until near her death, we never really discussed personal spiritual beliefs, but she held to a Christian belief. She named me after her mother, who had died 6 months before I was born, and she said when she was dying that she always had kind of thought that I was her mother come back to her, because I was so like. But that couldn't have been because one of the last things she said was "Mama" looking off into the distance, like she saw her. I hope so.

I don't think it sounds creepy and my mom says to tell you it's true. :)

sounds like you're going to think WTF for the 3rd one too, if you didn't like 1 and 2, LOL :) I KNOW I'll like it as I thought the first 2 were amazing. :) I know what you mean about thinking before you know someone close to you dies that it will pass and recede, and then finding out that it DOESN'T. It does get easier to deal with, thank goodness.

Commiserations for the anniversary of your father's death *hugs* I hope you got a chance to think of some lovely memories of him.

thanks :) I've been doing that for awhile, sort of leading up to holiday.

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