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Having grown children is harder than I expected. I keep wanting them to be as cute and easy to order around as when they were young and they keep insisting on having their own way, making up their own minds and doing whatever it is THEY want to do at the moment. It's been a little rockier than I anticipated, this holiday season, but it was still nice to have Martin home and I'm sad that he's gone already. Two weeks is too short, eh Mom? It won't be as long until he's back in May, at least, and hopefully by then, I will have worked through some of my own issues and realigned my expectations with reality....ha. Ha.

We spent the afternoon yesterday, the kids and I, at Anders' mom's, having fika, and then came home for a family dinner together on our last night. Anders made his delicious spaghetti and meat sauce, on Martin's request, and then he started packing. Halfway through, he came in and said he had just received an email that his connecting flight from Newark to Detroit had been cancelled in anticipation of severe weather conditions. AUGH.

We tried for over half an hour to get through to United but had no luck. The link he was given in the email didn't work. I called and warned my mom, but we figured there wasn't much we could do until he was at the airport. He couldn't even check-in online for the first flight (which WASN'T cancelled...which is weird, because if they can fly INTO Newark, why couldn't he fly OUT later?).

I woke up at 3 am with an anxiety attack about the whole thing and couldn't get back to sleep. Talked to my sister online and she said they might not even be able to come fetch him from Newark if he was stuck there because they expect to be in the middle of the storm. So we got up anyway and took him to the train station this morning and he headed off to Copenhagen airport. Once there, SAS couldn't help either since the cancelled flight was with United, but he was able to board his first flight to the US and he's already past Iceland and headed over the southernmost tip of Greenland at the moment, according to FlightAware. I hope he can get out again to Detroit, or least find a hotel room without issues...sleeping in airports is no fun.

I've been doing a bit of work, and also working on my 2017 LJ book, which didn't take long to format, as I was the slackest blogger in the world last year. It will be a very skinny, very short book, I'm afraid. Hopefully I will be better this year! Though I said that last January, too, so...

Anders is at work and Karin left an hour ago for Malmö, also to work. I am meeting Debbie & Camilla at Karin's café at 4:30 for fika, and then hopefully we'll go out for sushi, for dinner. I haven't had sushi in AGES, it feels like. We're still finishing the last of the holiday leftovers, though I threw out everything that hadn't been eaten from Christmas yesterday. This weekend the tree and decorations come down (the tree looks VERY sad and stiff and droopy). Seems like 2 seconds ago I was putting them up.
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Absolutely 2 weeks IS never enough! As for being a Mom and trying to tell your kids what to do, etc....I'm still getting cmplaints from MY kids about that!! Good luck! I need to get busy throwing out stuff,,,maybe start with the freezer since it's too full to add anything else, and I know there's some ???? stuff in there somewhere! Can't put away Christmas stuff until I clear the dining table of all my cd's -a project to put my music on a plug in (whatever it's actually called). Could be done with that in a hurry, IF I would just start. But this cold weather makes it difficult to do anything when wrapped in a fleece blanket and wearing knit gloves!
Love, Lizardmom

Haaa! I guess I should REALLY realign my expectations with reality, in that case! :D

Make you a deal, you come help me put MY Christmas stuff away and I'll come help you put YOUR CHristmas stuff away...after the snowbombcyclone is done, of course.

And it's called a USB stick :D XOXO

"they keep insisting on having their own way, making up their own minds and doing whatever it is THEY want to do at the moment." And they haven't been doing that since they were toddlers? Hmm... I must have been doing something wrong.

Hee, hee .. it's really hard to marry our expectations with reality sometime, but with a bit of give and take (you give, they take)) you can generally sort things out over time.

I hope Martin has arrived back to where he should be.

We'll keep our stuff up until January 13th - it's so dark at the moment that I can't bear to take it down.

Edited at 2018-01-04 07:14 pm (UTC)

He's made it to Newark but he's stuck there until Sunday morning. Here's hoping my sister can get to him so he doesn't have to pay for a hotel for 3 nights...!


I got him! But you already know that. So excited to have him and soooo glad I could help. I just finished taking down the last of the Christmas decorations and tree. now I need to dust and deal with the snow bomb from yesterday.

I also had a stranger holiday than usual. they did not do what I thought either. That was hard.

If you pay for the flight I will come help you put away everything. :)

Love Your seester and son(sun) keeper.

I wish I COULD pay your flight, but you and I are in the same broke boat!

From Megsie

I am so glad your sister has Martin. I would have worried about him in an airport far, far, away.

My tree needs to come down, but since school begins again on Monday (with students) it will have to wait.

Expectations are tough. Almost all the time.

Re: From Megsie

Is your tree down yet? :D This weekend marks the traditional taking down of Christmas in Sweden, so I plan to remove the advent lights tomorrow, too, though I I will miss them!

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