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I have such good intentions about posting more regularly here, but it seems that as soon as work gets crazy, which...when is work not crazy nowadays? it all goes out the window. I get home (late) from work and I can't bear the thought of turning on another computer or sitting in front of the screen, even to write something here.

Work has been EXTRA crazy this whole past week, and there is no end in sight. We're short-staffed, too, which doesn't help at all. My shoulder has been hurting all week as well, which... AUGH. I did go get a massage on Monday, as we have a new service at work (after not having any on-site since summer) but he was not very good. It's a huge bummer, because I really was hoping the new person would be decent as I need to go every other week at least to stave off the same arm, neck and shoulder issues which I've struggled with the past few years.

I grumped a bit on Facebook this past week about the fact that we don't have any holidays until Easter and got royally ripped for whining about my first world problems by a former colleague who moved back to the US years ago. She snootily told me to quit my crying since I had just "had two weeks off for Christmas"...which I didn't actually have. And then when I said that the US has TWO holidays (this coming Monday and one in February) was informed that no one gets those off except government employees, banks, and schools. And finally finishing with the oneupmanship comment that THEY don't have any holidays until Memorial Day. So I should just get over my pathetic 12-week wahwah.

I ended up just deleting the whole thing, but GAH, it was everything that makes me want to get off Facebook completely forever. If I want to grump that I think it's tough to go all the way to the end of March without an extra day off, why shouldn't I be able to? OF COURSE it's a first world problem. I'm pretty sure EVERYONE on Facebook only has first world problems, because people who are on Facebook pretty much all live in the first world, no? And coming from someone who lives in the US, has a good job, travels to Sweden regularly, and COULD HAVE STAYED HERE, bitching about the fact that she has it worse because her holiday-drought goes all the way until the end of May struck me as a bit much. /end stupid rant that I should also just delete

It's the weekend now, though, and I intend to relax as much as possible. I've slept in, done minimal tidying up, read one book and started another, played stupid iPad games, done a couple of things on my to-do list and now Anders is making dinner. We are taking his mom to fika tomorrow at Karin's cafe in Malmö (which sounds like she owns it, but she just works there). It's a darling little old-fashioned space and Karin makes delicious avocado toast and smoothie bowls. Even though it's basically a coffee spot, and I don't drink coffee, it will be nice to go there again. Plus, they have a delicious ginger pear drink, so there's that.
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Rant away - I think people are entitled to let off steam about their problems, "first world" or not. And oxveckorna is a legitimate gripe - it's a damn long time between drinks! I'm glad to not have a Facebook account just for that sort of reason - life is too short to argue with people over things like that.

I hope that your work calms down a bit - it sounds quite stressful :(

I end up obsessing about the drama and then I just delete the whole damn thing. Work is killing me at the moment. See today's post.

From Megsie


Re: From Megsie

Okay...I don't know what I did there...

I was going to say...

I live in the US and I have tomorrow off. I still think it is absolutely fine to rant about NOT having a day off until Easter. Perfectly fine. Whatever with that other person.

I am glad you have had a relaxing weekend. I have too. I am really trying to "be where my feet are." One of my friends told me that, and I decided that was what my mantra was going to be for 2018. I am going to try to pare down the work, and to keep up with it. We'll see. I have only been at it a week. I am even reading a book for fun! How's that for being well adjusted?

Jeff's mom's service at the nursing home is Wednesday of this week. I am a bit sad about her today...and of course my dad. So I was happy you had written a post! Thank you!

Re: From Megsie

Hugs to you about your mom-in-law and your dad. I'm glad my stupid ranty posts can cheer you up a bit, though!

Re: From Megsie

Claudius. haha!

"I have such good intentions about posting more regularly here"

I couldn't have said it better!

Oh that old FB. Your mistake Liz was that you should have been whining, ranting, bitching over here! And I think you are totally justified, BTW!

I hope you have had some relaxing this weekend.

Also, over here it is totally ok to ask a massage therapist to go deeper or use more pressure. Could you do that with this guy? What a bummer to have such a good benefit, only it isn't. Insert sad face here!

I could ask the massage guy to change things more, but I DID ask him a couple of things, and part of it was just his style, which I suspect is harder to change. Ugh.

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