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Still buried at work, but at least can see the light at the end of the tunnel, as one of my teammates is done with her monster project and back to normal workload. The other one is still out of the office, but we are hoping she'll be back by the end of the week.

I got my printed blog book for 2017 and I was right: it was the skinniest yet. OY! It's, like, just over a quarter of an inch thick. Considering that most years it's closer to double that if not more, it was a lean year of posting last year. Which is why I am here, now, posting, even though I have little to talk about.

Anders and I went up to Skryllegården, a nature preserve outside of Dalby, on Sunday morning, to go walking in the woods. They have running paths, walking trails, a mountain bike trail, a gym, a playground, a nature room and a restaurant. It had snowed up the hill the night before and as we got nearer, it got whiter and whiter and all the trees were covered with rimfrost. It was quite foggy as well, so the whole world was veiled and white and winter-beautiful. Our plan was to walk and then eat lunch in the restaurant, which we did, though next time I'd like to walk for longer. The problem with snow on the ground is that I can't wear my walking shoes, and my snow boots are hard on the feet. We walked for half an hour, stopping rather too frequently to take photos, and then went and had lunch. The place was absolutely packed, but the food was really good.

I am dreading bill-paying day this month. We are already struggling thanks to the holidays and it seems like every possible bill and then some have landed on the desk, yelling for remittance. I have to pay for Karin's graduation cap and the fee for my choir. Plus that stupid #¤%&! parking ticket. I guess we'll be eating toast and beans for February, too. :D

Except we never actually eat toast and beans. Ew.

Choir starts this week, on Thursday. Karin and I are singing in a Gospelfest (with 700 participants! despite the fact that are neither of us at all religious) on Saturday, and Anders is leaving for a week-long ski trip with colleagues. Next Monday is our first AWC meeting of 2018 which is the media sale (and I managed to pull together 3 bags of books to donate, when I thought I didn't have any!). I was putting events into my calendar today and realized that February and even March are starting to fill up already. Crazy.

Things to look forward to after that: Melodifestivalen (I know, don't judge), Olympic ice skating, the next episode of Bron, Pie Night (mark your calendars! save the date! March 3), having some sushi. It's been simply ages!
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