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I am
really glad January is over.

I'm not
comfortable sharing really personal stuff online.

I will
always prefer reading books over watching television.

I won't
try to change you, but I'll probably judge a little bit.

I want
losing weight to be easier, and exercising to be more fun.

I wouldn't
trade much about my life, except for the part where I can't have a cat.

I shouldn't
think so much about cookies.

I couldn't
vote for someone I have little respect for.

I can't
understand how some people think. It's so hard to relate sometimes, even when I try.

I like
getting letters from people, texts from friends, phone calls from family, cards in the mail.

I shall
find something to look forward to each day and remind myself of the good things that happen to me.

I think
it's weird that I have already lived more years than I will probably live going forward. It freaks me out sometimes.

I guess
making up memes like this is easier than writing an insightful, interesting, longer post. Haa!

I know
I could be a nicer person, but I don't always want to be.

I do
have conversations with myself and other people in my head all the time, to the point where I sometimes get upset that someone hasn't kept up with my thought process, until I remember they didn't actually hear it out loud.

I don't
know if writing things down helps me remember better anymore. I might have already made up this meme before!

I might
however, be able to use some of these ideas for writing prompts! Heh.
mood: contemplative
music: Joni Mitchell—Snakes and Ladders


Ha! I don't want to join you in creating memes; I want to discuss EACH OF THESE IN TURN.

Although I did get an idea the other night, after hearing Tom Hanks was going to play Mr. Rogers in a movie. So, he's already played Walt Disney and Jim Lovell and Ben Bradlee and Charlie Wilson and Sully the pilot. And Captain Phillips. And the guy from Bridge of Spies, who I think was a real guy. I think the FBI guy in Catch Me If You Can was real, too.

So I was trying to figure out which sainted actual human Tom will play next. I got Jim Henson and Bob from Sesame Street before I got bored with the whole meme thing. I'll leave it to you.

But not a bad idea to use these as jumping off points. I want to hear more about cookies.


haha! I am happy to talk about cookies all day long, the problem is that I can't actually EAT them for the same amount of time.

And I agree...this isn't about making up memes for me either, but sometimes I sit down to write and I got nothing. Things like this can help kickstart thoughts for future posts at least. Your writing is so much more SEAMLESS and thoughtful than mine. I feel very scattered, very superficial and very immature in comparison, writing-wise.

The next sainted actual human that Tom should play is (OF COURSE) HIMSELF.

From Megsie

I love these posts! I don't have time to play right now, just checking in to enjoy your writing! xo

Re: From Megsie

Aw, thanks!

I deeply understand everything you have written here. Except the part about the cat. (I'm a dog person.)

I like dogs too, but give me a cat ANY DAY. No really! ANY DAY.

What a great meme (and I am one who doesn't normally like memes).

There are so many of these that I agree with. You and I are on the same page with books vs tv, sharing highly personal things online, getting letters (♥), wondering about some what people think and of course finding putting on weight FAR more fun than taking it off!

I am also acutely aware that there's far more of my life behind me than in front of me and I wonder if I've done enough with it. I don't think about cookies much, but I do think a lot about crunchy french bread covered with luscious, runny brie quite a lot.

Being a nice person is highly over-rated I think. I'd prefer to be memorable :-)

I KNOW I haven't done enough with it, but hey, what'cha gonna do. I added two great kids to the world and I wrote a lot of shit and made art and sang. I didn't change the world, and even if there is still time, I probably never will, but I'm okay with that.


I do..... is that why i don't hear from you very often??? or is it because of time change and life and really... what do I have to say? I sat home again today did some laundry, dishes, dealt with the dog, read, took Bryce to and from school. Or maybe I went to the grocery store and walked.....OOOHHH that is all so exciting. I would not want to talk to me very often either.

I will, I want, I can't, I like, and I shall. all ditto.

Yeah I am in that kind of mood today. But I really like your Tom Hanks suggestion. :)

Love Ya Seester

You don't hear from me often because I am as lame as you. And I WANT to hear bout your exciting day, who care is they are not earth-shaking. Neither are mine, and I HAVE A BLOG. hahahaa!

"For the halibut!"

I may have seen this icon of yours before, but I didn't remember it, and it's funny as hell anyway!

It makes me smile, too!


I like how your answers made me think about why you said that instead of something else- and also made me think about what I would answer. Each one would make an interesting post - so get busy and then I can answer each one and we will be connecting for nearly 3 weeks straight.
I AM happy to read your blog posts!
I'm NOT (same as your answer)
I WON"T try to change you, but I might make suggestions (that's the Mother in me, according to all my kids!)
Love, Lizardmom

I only changed a couple before I wrote them. Mostly I just started the sentence in my head and wrote down what came to mind. I will try to get busy and write, haha!

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