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I am
really glad January is over.

I'm not
comfortable sharing really personal stuff online.

I will
always prefer reading books over watching television.

I won't
try to change you, but I'll probably judge a little bit.

I want
losing weight to be easier, and exercising to be more fun.

I wouldn't
trade much about my life, except for the part where I can't have a cat.

I shouldn't
think so much about cookies.

I couldn't
vote for someone I have little respect for.

I can't
understand how some people think. It's so hard to relate sometimes, even when I try.

I like
getting letters from people, texts from friends, phone calls from family, cards in the mail.

I shall
find something to look forward to each day and remind myself of the good things that happen to me.

I think
it's weird that I have already lived more years than I will probably live going forward. It freaks me out sometimes.

I guess
making up memes like this is easier than writing an insightful, interesting, longer post. Haa!

I know
I could be a nicer person, but I don't always want to be.

I do
have conversations with myself and other people in my head all the time, to the point where I sometimes get upset that someone hasn't kept up with my thought process, until I remember they didn't actually hear it out loud.

I don't
know if writing things down helps me remember better anymore. I might have already made up this meme before!

I might
however, be able to use some of these ideas for writing prompts! Heh.
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