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I made a yummy dinner tonight, if I do say so myself. I don't cook all that much anymore, because the amount of people that I need to feed has drastically reduced itself to...mostly me. Karin is so rarely home and Anders and I tend to just grab something simple for ourselves: soup, a sandwich, hotdogs (in his case).

Some years ago, I got tired of cooking, too, and basically stopped. The kids were old enough to get their own damn dinners for a change and Anders cooks better than I do, and likes doing it, too, so I just...quit. Mostly. I still cooked/cook every now and then but I no longer feel any kind of obligation to see that my family is fed every night. I grocery shop and supply the ingredients, what more can they ask of me? Heh.

Anyway, once in awhile I DO like to throw something together and once in awhile it works. I had to pick up Karin today at the bus stop in the town next over where we do our grocery shopping so I asked Anders if he had any ideas for dinner on my way out the door. He didn't and I didn't really either, but I said I'd see what I could find while I was there. We had several servings worth of leftover rice in the fridge and that was my starting point. I bought chicken (dark meat fillets!) and fresh asparagus and bok choy and a big kohlrabi, and then I threw some grated cheese and a container of herb & garlic creme fraiche into the basket as well.

It turned out to be a delicious casserole, and since I made it up, I am pretty happy about it. Everyone took seconds, always a good sign and I served baby plum tomatoes on the side. Good stuff.

It's fun to follow recipes, but it's also fun to just throw a lot of things you like together and see what happens. Serendipity cuisine!
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Sounds like successful serendipity to me. I love to cook to the extent that I've taken on more cooking than my wife, who also loves to cook. Ocassionally, we fight over who gets the kitchen. Even though it's just the two of us, I find cooking an excellent outlet for creativity. Fortunately, we're both adventurous eaters! I may try your "recipe" one day soon!


It does sound delicious and you used most of my favorite ingredients. Isn't wonderful to be creative?! Love, Lizardmom

From Megsie

You are much more adventurous than I am. I follow the recipe to a "T" usually, unless I have made it and something needs tweaking. But I always write down the tweak. I did try a tortellini experiment after talking with the cook at a restaurant once. It is good, and I have no recipe! That is very out of character for me.


Hello Again

I love to just throw things together based upon what was on sale - usually a pasta.

(And thought I'd return to keeping up with you over here since I ditched FB. May start up blogging again myself.)


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