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All afternoon I've been watching the snowflakes whirling madly in a spiral wind dance around the house. We had a half-day today, the start of the Easter holidays here in Sweden, and I'm quite pleased with the result of my day as I got a ton of things done in the 4.5 hours I worked, plus 2 loads of laundry and some other small chores once I got home.

Despite the fact that it's a week past the vernal equinox, we're still experiencing snow squalls every other day as the temperatures dip below zero and back up again in a climate-change-roller coaster. It's what we want at Christmas time, Mother Nature, not now! I've seen snowdrops and buttercups and crocus and the beginning of daffodils and tulips, and pansies are for sale down the road at the plant nursery but I think I'll wait a little longer before I think about filling the garden pots.

My neck and arm and shoulder are still hurting: stabby pain all day every day. Last Saturday I was almost pain-free but as soon as I was back at work, it swooped in again. UGH. I had my last insurance-sanctioned visit to the naprapat and now am trying to get some more visits but will probably have to see the orthopedic doctor again first. I've certainly gained even more understanding for chronic pain sufferers and illnesses for sure, especially for those who have invisible symptoms like mine. One of the things that sets off the pain the fastest is tipping my head back to look up at something or someone, and in the land of tall Swedes, that happens all the time. I feel very boring lately, since I can't do much. Can't walk, can't stand for long periods, can't sit at tables for long periods. Boo hoo, woe is me.

Martin's ticket home for late spring is purchased, though! He'll be home for a month and half before returning to Detroit to work the month of July. We've made progress on the planning for Karin's graduation party as well. The invitations have been printed and Karin stuffed envelopes and addressed them this week, so they're ready to mail. I've got the poster ready to send to print and the preliminary catering order booked. Anders booked the tables and benches. There is still a lot to be done, though. We might make the desserts ourselves: strawberry meringue cakes, yum yum.

I need to put together some sort of game for guests to play while we're waiting for the guest of honor to arrive. For Martin's party, I printed out all 12 of his school year photos and guests had to put them in order. I'm thinking maybe for Karin we'll do a Swedish tipsrunda. These are de rigueur at parties all over Sweden: a series of multiple-choice questions printed out and tacked up around the yard and tent.

Hmmm...questions about Karin...I bet some of you know the answers to these and/or could help me come up with some good ones.
  • Is her bellybutton an innie or an outie?
  • What was she dressed as for her "What I wanted to be when I grew up when I was little" 18th birthday party?
  • What animal used to be a full-size wall image in her bedroom?
  • What food does she dislike and refuse to eat?
  • How old was she when her team won the Gothia Youth Tournament Soccer Cup?
  • How many extracurricular activities has she been involved in during her senior year, and name them
  • How many tattoos does she have and what are they? (can't use this one since she doesn't want her farmor to know she has any)
I need more than that, but I can't sit at the computer for much longer.

Things I need to start thinking about actually doing instead of just thinking about: taxes, FBARs, defrosting the freezer, walking even if it hurts, getting Martin's prints framed

Things that need to replaced and/or fixed: this computer, our printer, my stereo speaker, my car's fuel injection stutter, my treadmill

Things I have ignored for so long I no longer see them: the hockey bags full of no-longer-used hockey equipment and clothes in our closet, the missing room divider strip between our room and closet, the dust on the shadowboxes, the floor lamp that leans decidedly to one side

Tomorrow is Good Friday: Easter dinner with Anders mom and sister's family. Then 3 blissful days with no plans, while Karin is out gallivanting, Anders is working on his wooden kayak build and I can baby my neck/arm/shoulder and read and maybe think about doing something about some of those things up there. Or maybe do them. Or maybe not. Happy Easter!
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I Repeat: Banish the Pain!

This pain business is not acceptable. It must be banished. Sent away with instructions not to return. Sorry to hear you continue to deal with it.

I'm pleased that my stream-of-consciousness posts spurred you on to write your own! For my part, I enjoy reading the day-by-day experiences of someone I've never met; there's something intriguing about learning bits and pieces about an unknown person, things one might ordinarily share only with family and friends.

I shall not attempt to make any guesses about Karin's life experiences, though I'll check back to see what others might offer!

I visited Sweden once, several years ago (have I already told you?). It was for business, but my wife came along for her pleasure. We both enjoyed our week in and around Stockholm and our two-night, one-day excursion to Helsinki on the Silja Line cruise ship. Fortunately for us, we missed the snow you're experiencing now. If only we'd known about tipsrunda at the time, with might have brought the idea back home with us. And we might still!

I enjoy your posts. Keep them coming!

Sorry to hear you're in so much pain :/

That school year photo activity is a great idea! I will have to remember that for a party some day.

From Megsie

You are so good at doing things that I am surprised you have anything on the procrastination list up there. Mine is a mile long, as you know.

I am sad about your pain as well. I am sending wishes and magic your way, since the other stuff I sent didn't seem to work. Maybe that will do the trick!

Happy Easter! Enjoy your mini vacation...


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