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How many times in two weeks is TOO many times for Julbord? :)

John and Simone arrived safely and on time, despite rain mixed with snow and a take-off that John described as "if the plane was a windshield wiper." eek As we drove home from the airport, the snow became dominant until it was giant huge puffy flakes, like we were in the middle of a cosmic pillow fight.

Hung out at home for a couple of hours and then it was off to Julbord at a fancy restaurant with 4x4 kinds of herring to celebrate Anders' mom's 75th birthday with all the family.

When we got home Anders and John tried to blow up some "bunny balloons" that John had brought for the kids and reduced the rest of us (well, mainly me) to piles of helpless laughter. The balloons have ears and a head and body and the ears just would NOT fill with air, and when they managed to get some air into one, they looked...um...very phallic. Hilarity ensued. hahaha!

Tomorrow is the final Xmas shopping, and then the baking of sugar cookies will begin! Um um good :)


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