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Now those are some cookies!

Such a cute picture! Such, well, glee! I miss frosted sugar cookies. Ahh, the halcyon days of my youth, and all that! :)

OMGoodness Those are what my mom used to make - your picture brings back so many memories! Thank you. Now to only make those between making pierogies! Do you have a recipe you follow?

yes, I have a recipe, but I'm too lazy/busy to go get it and type it all out for you right now, because it's a long one and tomorrow is Xmas Eve! Maybe later! Remind me :)

Ok no problem - I can make 'em all year round they are so good ;)

I LOVE that picture!!!! Those are my favorite kind of Christmas memories. :) So cute!

Mmmmmmm....can I have some of those cookies???? They look great, and your kiddo is adorable. :)

:) thanks!! They had so much fun decorating, it really brought back the memories of when it was MY sister and brother and I :)

That is such a great picture! How on earth did you get the frosting so red and so green? When we used to do them we'd end up with pink and mint green instead of red and bright green.

Yeah...mine are always pastels too. Hmmm...

My sister sent me some new kind of concentrated coloring for cakes/cookies. Ours were always the pink/mint green too, but this year they are REALLY Christmas red & green! :)

You're making me hungry. Now I'm gonna have to run down to the vending machine for a Twix.


That cute child (yours?) looks like every one of the kids on my Swedish half of the family!

:) thanks! Yep, he's mine, my oldest, and a little blond Swede (although he got my brown eyes)!

CUTE!!! And I love that carol :)

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