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Sick again. Been sick for a week with a nasty head cold. On the plus side, since I've been home pretty much in bed since Wednesday afternoon, my shoulder/neck doesn't hurt.
mood: sick
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From Megsie

Oh, no! I am so sorry! Sarah stayed home a week and a half ago with a really bad cold. I have been fighting it with "Air Born" chewables. It has worked! I can't really believe it! So, I sneeze every once in a while and my nose gets stuffy a few times a day, but other than that NO COLD. I have felt a little off, but NOTHING like a bad cold!

We are in our third day of a snow storm. Yesterday pretty much EVERYTHING was canceled. Today, still snowing. HELLO! It is APRIL 15th! Oh, well. Potato Soup for dinner, and shoveling is a good work out!


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