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Suddenly, it's summer. Weeks of winter teasing, will she won't she and now BAM, heat wave! Sha na na na na na—we're surfing on sunshine. Everything has exploded and with it, my head. I went directly from horrible head cold to allergy attack of the ages. Today I thought I'd have to rip my eyes out. Visine and all the other eye drop bottles only hold it temporarily at bay. Nose sprays, allergy meds, COME ON, give me a break. I went from sick misery to allergy misery and honestly I'm not sure which is worse.

But the sky is blue! The sun is bright! The air is warm! Everything is greening, blooming, leafing. I saw a bumblebee. A beach towel is folded up on the porch; evidence that Karin has already been basking like the sun lizard she is. And I just wanted to write a post. I have really been struggling with writing at all, not because I don't want to, but because between being sick and being in pain I've been so house-bound that the breadth of excitement that is my life can't begin to be described. I defrosted the freezer? I purged the pantry? EXCITEMENT ABOUNDS.

My mom, however, has finally gotten tickets to come and see us and I couldn't be more excited about that. She hasn't been here for 4.5 years. YEARS! We've seen her, but that's just ridiculous. I mean, I know there are good reasons why she hasn't felt (and still doesn't feel) like she can travel for the long periods of time that coming over here to see two of her Europe-dwelling wayward children takes, like her own 101-year-old mother, for example, but O! I miss my mom, and I am insanely glad she's coming. She's coming right after Martin arrives, and right before my brother and his family and our house will be a nuthouse for that week, but it will be fun, so who cares! And then she's staying to help me get through the madness of Karin's graduation and not leaving until the week after, when I will have collapsed, presumably muddy and exhausted.

This just feels like a ketchup-post (heh. get it?) but that's all I've got at the moment. I want to go back outside and look at the baby lilac buds, between sneezes. This weekend: potting pansies!

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I feel your pain. I don't have the pollen allergies, but the myggor up here have been nailing me badly and I react very poorly. But antligen vår!

Ooh, I don't know that I would trade you. Mosquitoes last forever, while allergies tend to be misery-making for about 3 weeks.

Banish the allergies, as well.

I am delighted for you that your mom will visit and add to the frenzy of familial madness and joy. But I hope to hear before that happens that your pain has receded, your allergies and other maladies have disappeared, and that the onset of early summer has turned into a joyous middle-warmth. ;-) I envy your mom. Making the trip to Sweden, I mean.


Re: Banish the allergies, as well.

I hope to experience all those things as well! :D

From Megsie

We still have snow. NOT a LITTLE snow. Like FEET of snow on the ground. It is still winter, although today it was mild when I left work, and I ditched my coat when I went to retrieve one of the children from an activity this evening. I am pretty sure it melted most of the day, but you wouldn't notice it. Only three more weeks of school!

I hope your allergies get over themselves and leave you alone!

I am so excited to hear that your mom is going to visit! I can't believe it has been FOUR years! It doesn't seem like that long at all. I guess I am getting old.


Re: From Megsie

We are all getting old! haha! So it's a good thing my mom is finally coming to visit. 4 years is TOO long. I hope all your snow melts decidedly to spring over the weekend! Scat, snow!


4.5 years????? No wonder I was having trouble trying to figure out when I was last there. You came here 2 years in a row and I only went to Germany one year! And I really do miss my kids and grand kids too! Just feels like I'm stretched thin sometimes. And the spring like weather is wonderful. I thought only the daffodils were popping up -and then I looked again today out the front and saw that the forsythia is blooming- and then thought maybe I'd better check out the flower path- and sure enough the Hyacinths were blooming and more. I've been weeding outside- but only on the other side of the house. Apparently I need to walk around the house more often!See you soon! Love, Lizardmom

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