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*dusts off blog*

Well, hello there! I'm not sure I remember how to drive this thing. I'm not even sure I can get it in gear...

I haven't posted since a couple of days before my mom arrived and the crazy month of crazy started. My brother and his family were here for a week then we had a week of party preparations and then we had a week of graduation insanity and parties, parties, parties. Then my mom left and now I'm suddenly left with one more day ahead of me before I have to return to my REAL life and work all summer to boot. And lose the bazillion kilos I've gained in 4 weeks. Ugh...every time.

Good thing for me that John took photos and Martin took photos because I took almost NO photos the entire time. I've been seriously living in the moment. I have lots to recount but tonight is not when I'll do it. I just wanted to see if I could get started again, start typing again, heave up something from the depths of my dusty brain and get going.

Time to get going even though I feel like my social media presence, both here, and on Facebook and Instagram, is going to be less frequent than before, even with this hiatus...I don't LIKE social media much nowadays. I don't like the news. Even though I can't look away completely, I have to lessen my own time online in order to be able to process what I do see and read and feel. I hope my audience...all three of you...understand.

More tomorrow, though. I promise.
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