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It's official: I'm overheating. The house is hot, I'm hot. Every fan we own is on, and it's NOT HELPING.


It was 32C when I got home today. That's 96F. In SWEDEN. Even in mid-July, that's damn hot. Add hot flashes to that, and I am one unhappy camper. If it doesn't cool down soon, I'm going to melt like the Wicked Witch of the West in a pool of my own sweat, swearing all the way. Yeah, yeah, there's no humidity and it will cool down overnight, but OMG I'm hot today. I was so hot and tired and headachy after work that I had to lie down (under our bedroom ceiling fan). I set the alarm for half an hour and when I woke up again, I was literally shaking.

The weather forecast calls for these high temps into the next two weeks. It's been hot and getting progressively hotter since mid-May. It's rained ONCE. Tomorrow we're supposed to have "heavy thunderstorms" but the temperatures are staying close to 90. GAH!!! I'm going to go get a popsicle. Maybe that will help.
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I know, we are really suffering up here. I don't worry about the hot flashes any more, but I find that getting older, people start feeling the heat and cold a lot more and both of us are miserable.

Oh, and don't forget to replenish your body salts as well as drinking water.

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Today was nice and cloudy and misting rain. Ha! Never thought I'd say THAT!


Popsicles! And ice cream sandwiches.

We've been pushing 90F for the past week and I hear you. It's what I forget every February, when I swear I'd happily live with 120 degrees every day, anything but feeling cold all the time. And then we get wiped out by the high 80s for a few days.

And someone in this household commiserates with the simultaneous heat and hot flashes, I'll just say. Can't get more miserable, it looks like. Sorry. More popsicles.


90 is just TOO hot. No matter what. I thank God that we don't have humidity on top of it...UGH! My hairdresser was telling me she's leaving for Cyprus this weekend and when I asked how hot it was there, she said 40C. That's 104. As nice as Cyprus undoubtedly is, that's just INSANE.

From Megsie

I like 70 with a breeze. I am no fan of 90 either. That is pretty normal for here in July and August though...with humidity. Our air conditioner is on all the time in July and August. It is a gift if we can have our windows open for a few minutes at night. When it is too humid, we can't even do that! So, I feel your pain!


I was melting in the heat last month. Now, we seem to be getting cooler than average weather slated for the next 3 months. Hoping that means cooler than 80+, but not like November cool! Love, Lizardmom

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