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It's tough coming home from work, especially after a night where I didn't sleep well, because I either 1) couldn't get to sleep 2) couldn't get comfortable and kept waking up 3) kept waking up too hot 4) woke up super early and a) had to get up to go to the bathroom b) had a headache and had to get up to take medicine c) heard the furnace beeping and had to get up to go turn it off d) woke up when my husband's alarm went off and then again when he went in and out of the closet because the closet door squeaks, or 5) all of the above, because if I sit down on the couch I'm done for.

Did you manage to get through and actually understand the gist of that opening sentence? Because I'M lost but that's probably because I'm tired. Heh.

Maybe it's worse when I've spent the weekend staying up too late and sleeping in too long, like I did this weekend, even though I had to get up before I wanted to, BOTH DAYS, and go fetch Karin at the bus stop in Gårdstånga because there are no buses to Flyinge on weekends. She's finally working on getting her driver's license and man, I CAN'T WAIT. 20 years of driving kids around, and picking them up again, is too many. She's doing the second risk-driving course tomorrow, which teaches you how to drive in icy conditions, and after that she just has to take and pass the monster theory test and then the actual driving test. Unfortunately, she still probably won't be done until September or October since you have to book the tests so far in advance, but an end is in sight!

I had a nice, quiet birthday on Friday. Got presents from Anders on Wednesday night because he left early Thursday morning for Cyckel Vasa up north with a bunch of mountain-biking pals, and Karin gave me her present on Thursday night because I had Friday off and she didn't want to wake me up at 6:30 to...make me hunt for my present. She had put together a little treasure hunt, printing out little clues that led me from the kitchen out to the storage room (where there were roses), and then to Martin's room, where there was a final riddle that once I figured it out, led me to my present, which was hidden in the (turned-off) oven.

It was a little metal bird sculpture that I had admired months ago in a shop at Tirups Örtagård (a garden center with a nice cafe where we had taken Anders' mom for lunch once. Sneaky!

On Friday I got up late, and then went in to Lund to meet her and 2 friends for lunch. Then I took her back to work where my colleagues all pounced on me and sang Happy Birthday, and then Karin and I went down to Malmö. We visited Anders' mom and then walked around Malmöfestivalen for a couple of hours, had sushi for dinner and churros for dessert, and then I dropped her off at a friend's house and went home. I spent the rest of the very quiet weekend watching good movies: The Florida Project, Garden State and I, Tonya. All of them were excellent in very different ways.

It's nearly 8 pm and I mostly just want to go lie down but if I do, I'll wake up even earlier than usual, so that's out. It's been cold and windy and rainy since Saturday, though I DID see one shooting start on Saturday night, at 2 am after I had finished watching a double feature and then pulled myself out of the rabbit hole of IMDb trivia and Wikipedia pages the movies led me to. It's overcast again now: a solid pale grey sheet of cloud cover, so I guess I don't get the Perseids for my birthday this year. Maybe tomorrow, since tonight is the peak, and there will still be a chance to see some if I'm lucky and it clears up by tomorrow evening.

Since I can't go lie down yet, I will go start looking for airline tickets for Christmas, a job I passionately hate. That ought to rile me up enough to stay up until it's time to go to bed.
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