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Tonight, Karin drove to the bus stop in Gårdstånga, and I was glad I was just along for the ride, because it meant that I could concentrate on staring at the GIGANTIC FIERY RED sun that was just about to descend below the horizon. We could only see the top of it above the trees, but it was seriously HUGE. Then as I turned the car around, after we switched places, we saw two hot-air balloons out over Odarslöv and one of them was as big as the sun. Weird what atmospherics can do.

She had a nice week in Greece, except for the part where she and her friend had their stuff stolen off the beach. They had stopped on the way back to their apartment for an evening swim, and while they were in the water, about 2 meters away from their bags, Karin noticed a man sneaking away from their stuff. She raced as fast as she could out of the water, but couldn't catch up to him, and they discovered both their bags were missing: phones, wallets, jewelry, keys, ...augh!

They went to the police immediately who, apparently tired of rich tourist kids, were complete jerks and extremely rude to them. GAH. Anyway, after filling out the report, and back on their way home (with no money and an 8-kilometer walk ahead of them), Karin remembered that she had "Find my iPhone" on, and was able to log in to it from someone else's phone (apparently, there were several other kids with them, that they had met earlier). One of the guys went hunting for the location pinpointed on the app, and after she called it repeatedly so he could hear it ringing, they found their bags, abandoned in a yard, wrapped in a towel. They got their iphones, wallets (sans cash, but with cards/IDs), and keys back. But her jewelry, including 4 gold rings, her gold Casio watch and her Apple Airpod earphones were gone.

One of the rings was mine and one was an heirloom from my grandfather that my mom gave her last summer, so a lot of sentimental value. :( Thankfully, we had the receipt for the earphones and she had photos as proof of ownership of the rings and watch so will hopefully get reimbursement from our insurance agency for the stolen items. I managed to bite my tongue and not ask her what she was thinking, leaving her valuables on the beach with no one to guard them, but gah. Anyway, she's definitely learned THAT lesson. And her father and I were very glad that no one was hurt and they were able to recover so much!

After a week of rain and chilly temps, it seems to have evened out again and we've had really nice weather, not too cold, and no wind, and beautiful evenings. There's been a lot going on...in the past 5 days I've had an evening work event, a birthday dinner with the Wonders, a crayfish party, a movie night with Karin and a hair appointment. Whew!

Martin has started school again and sent me photos of the dorm room he is sharing with his 3 best friends at CCS, but I have yet to talk to him to find out how it's going. I'm sure he's full up already, considering he has TWO jobs to handle, on top of classes starting. One is a 5-hour per week school photographer job and the other is a 15-hour position working at the center where they rent out cameras and equipment to the students. They are only allowed to work 20 hours during school terms, so he's at the limit and actually just had to turn down another position that was offered to him in the photography lab the week before school started! Now if he can just parlay that kind of stuff into enough money to stay in school next term, we'll be getting somewhere! :D

We have AWC board elections coming up at the end of this month, and yes, I'm staying on as the membership officer again. We already have a full roster, which I think is the earliest we've ever had the board nominations filled in the 20 years the club has existed. And it's a GOOD one again this year, so I'm quite pleased.

In other news, there are more tomatoes ripening on the vine and I picked four orange peppers this week. Yum yum! My salads this past month have been divine.
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