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Get a good night's sleep.

Sleep in a little bit, but not too much.

Move your bowels.*

Take a hot shower, then add a blast of cold water. Get as clean as you can. Brush your teeth. Clip your nails.

Eat a nourishing breakfast that includes avocado, egg and fruit. Plus V8 if you can get it.

Send your best friends a message thanking them for a lovely evening the night before.

Start a new book (or continue a good one. Or finish one that makes you regret it's over).

Get some things done. Cross things off your to-do list. Or make a to-do list if you don't have one. Crossing things off them is SO satisfying.

Check the tomato plants and bring in the ripe ones.

Get the laundry done, since it can't be avoided forever.

Lure the cat next door over with kissing noises for pets and cuddles.

Go to the grocery store; make your daughter drive. Buy food you like, things you need, and something good for dinner. Artichokes! Chicken! Find a sale on toothbrushes and buy 10 of them for the charity event your club is organizing for Christmas. Swing by Skarhult castle and buy fresh farm eggs and potatoes.

Unload groceries and put them away. Get some more things done.

Take your daughter for a walk in the sunshine. It's over 23C out today! Enjoy the fall leaves and autumn colors, the warm air, the horses in the fields, the cattails in the rushes, the goats in the pen by the last house on the street. Take some pictures for Instagram #goatsofinstagram, of course. Make goat noises; they're unfailingly funny.

Call your mom and talk for an hour, just to catch up on stuff.

Start dinner but hand it over happily when your husband says, "Want me to do it?" Never say no to that question! Fresh artichokes, fresh chicken thigh filets marinated in Turkish yogurt and grilled, roasted potatoes with garlic, sauce made from the yogurt, sweet Thai chili sauce and mushrooms. Eat happily, burp loudly.

Call your son and talk for awhile, just to catch up on stuff and deal with financial issues. Make plans for another call tomorrow since there's more to talk about. Drive your daughter to the next village over for a party/sleepover. Give her a kiss goodnight. Listen to your excellent Spotify playlist all the way home.

Enjoy myskväll with some snacks and a Pepsi Max. Your husband is watching hockey on TV...maybe you can persuade him to watch a movie instead. Or maybe you can get some more stuff done! Or you can read; that good book is waiting!

Write a post.

Don't stay up too late. Give your husband a kiss goodnight. Get a good night's sleep.

*More conducive to a good day than you'd imagine! :D
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