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No slug day for me today, though I did manage to sleep in a bit. I wake up early nearly every day with a headache starting or raging, and have to decide whether I can fall back asleep or must take some medicine after getting to the bathroom. It feels like it's almost always either dehydration or tension causing the problem and despite drinking plenty of water, it happens again the next night. UGH.

I read for awhile, checked emails, and then got up around 10 to shower and dress. I had a full mental list of things to do today and I got almost all of them done, so I'm feeling very accomplished now at 9 pm. Holiday preparations that have to be done before our trip are in full swing: Christmas letter written, half my cards written and addressed, some presents ordered, others decided upon, and even a few wrapped! I don't have lists this year, and we are keeping things very simple and inexpensive, but still some stuff has to be done.

I also did 2 loads of laundry, dishes, cleaned out the fridge, AWC web work, and ironing. I hate ironing. I know people who love it and think it's soothing, but I've always found it to be boring and fruitless. Things around me like to wrinkle, I swear. It was only 2 not-terribly-big tablecloths from Thanksgiving, at least, so it didn't take me that long. I sent a bunch of emails that needed to be dealt with, and wrote some lists so I don't forget anything important that has to be done before the holidays commence.

My life is rather boring these days, isn't it? I don't seem to find much to write about, and what I do find is trivial in the extreme. The only times I was even outdoors today were to fill the bird feeder and take out the trash: not exactly the stuff of scintillating blog posts. Anders went to his mom's place in Malmö to set up her little tree and advent lights, and Karin was working at the cafe and has another party or something tonight. We hope she'll make an appearance early enough tomorrow for there to be daylight so Anders can change the tires on her car to winter ones.

I need these down days, though, so even if my life is boring, I'm okay with that. Work is still a little slow, and I'm definitely not complaining, since the whole year up until just a few weeks ago has been a bucking bronco ride of too much work. It's so dark and dreary outside that I'm really glad to see all the advent lights and Christmas decorations that have sprung up around the neighborhood. We had ours up a week early because of our Thanksgiving party. Only 21 days until the solstice, thank goodness. I can't wait for the light to start returning!

Since I was so productive today, I think I can reward myself tomorrow with a slug day. We'll see! Maybe I'll find a Julmarknad to go to, instead.
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"I need these down days" What you described was absolutely NOT a down day. You sound like a whirling dervish powering through your tasks. You absolutely put me to shame. At 9pm last night I was in bed snoring away, thoroughly knackered after doing not very much! At least you go a lot done and had that sense of satisfaction.

I'm one of those freaks people who likes to iron. I love taking a creased item and making it all smooth and nice. I used to iron practically everything, but I've weaned myself off of that need and now stick to shirts, tablecloths, bed linen, tea towels etc. I find it soothing and satisfying.

I may also need a life :-)

Haha! I guess I think of it as a down day because we didn’t have any plans...didn’t go anywhere, didn’t meet anyone!

Tiday is only half slug: have watered plants, been to the grocery store and now am defrosting the freezer. :D

From Megsie

I think you are amazing.

That's all.

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