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My brother went by ambulance this morning to the hospital with terrible stomach pains. The paramedics think it's possibly kidney stones and not appendicitis. He wasn't feeling well last night but made it through The Return of the King. Anders went to the hospital with Simone to act as interpreter. I'm no good at waiting.
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I'm sorry to hear that,
hope everything turns out well.

Usch, kidney stones, no fun at all. Hope they're able to make him more comfortable and that he can be back with you all shortly.

Good thoughts for you and your brother. Waiting is too much time to think bad things! *hug*

Yipe. Hope it turns out just to be kidney stones. *hug*

Oh Liz! I'm praying for him and for you. I hope everything is alright. Keep us posted.

Hope everything goes okay and you get some good news soon. So sorry about your brother.

i hope he's ok! ill send good vibes!

Sorry to hear about your brother :((


I hope all turns out well. And after your first get together as well. Keeping you in our thoughts.

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