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I don't take as many photos as I should...these days I tend to spend more time in the moment, and whipping out my phone to stop the action in its tracks and document it rarely foremost in my mind. So it's a good thing that I have friends and family who manage to step up and take photos so I have them to remember the good times by!

Down in Detroit by the big tree, enjoying the lights and the sights

Grandma Linda with Martin and Karin

Cousins at Christmas!


Happy mom reunited with a kid who is too far away!

A kiss for Grandma!


4 generations of Pangborn/Slaughter/Ek women

Martin & Karin with Great-Grandma and Grandma Linda

Karin and Kathey chilling

Russell, Karin and Anders chilling (for real)

Kathey and Russell and mom chilling Michigan style, brrrr!

Martin & Karin ready to party on New Year's

Fantastic New Year's Eve feast served up by Anders

Celebrating New Year's with good friends and family

Group shot: Anders, Grandma Linda, Liz, Karin, Kathey, Martin, Russell

(C) Photo credits: Anders Ek, Russell Gilbert, Martin Ek, Jennifer Pangborn, Liz Slaughter-Ek
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Now THAT is just lovely, to see all of those pictures with the whole family. Martin is so you and I am seeing more Anders in Karin.

So funny! I don't see me in Karin at all, but everyone else does! And I still think the kids look SO alike, but not when I look at them separately :)

Smiles all round - that's so wonderful to see and is what the holidays is all about. Your gran looks fabulous for being 102 - I'd have guessed that she was in her 80s!

And I have to say that the big tree in Detroit is very impressive!

I was however disappointed that no-one did "bunny ears" in any shots - what sort of family are you? I think every family photo we had when I was growing up had someone doing that to the person next to them. It drove my father nuts.

LOL! I have that photo too, but I felt like I already had too many photos in this post, so I didn't include it. Our family photos are notorious for bunny ears, makes my mom crazy! haha!

They're the best shots! My father would threaten us if we dared do it, especially in those pre-digital days when the photos had to be developed and cost money. He'd be livid once the photos came back from processing and one (or sometimes all of us) were doing it.


I'm with your Dad - I was so happy to see all these photos free from the "ears"! Lizardmom


Love all the photos. Hugs, Lizardmom


I don't visit your blog as often as I should, but it was so nice to "catch up" for a bit with you - it's amazing how I've watched your kids grow up over the years. Hopefully our Christmas card was waiting for you when you got home!


It was! Thank you!

From Megsie

These are fantastic! A happy reunited family.

My RSS feed left with my update of firefox, so now I don't know when anyone posts. :( Sorry I have been absent.

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