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Just wrote a whole post explaining why I'm not posting much because our computer keeps crashing whereupon it crashed and ate the whole thing for the second time in a row. I give up.
mood: angry


I'm sorry Liz :(

I've had that happen as well and it sends my blood pressure soaring.

It's beyond annoying. We've been struggling with a major crash issue for months, where the PC just suddenly shuts down at frequent intervals and reboots with no warning except a sudden blue screen of death. We've been researching it and have already tried several things with no luck. SO aggravating!!

I'd have taken the computer outside and run over it several times. But that's just me :-)

I hope you find a solution that works - what a royal pita.

From Megsie

This one worked. :)

Okay. That sucks. Sorry.

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