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I was starting to get twitchy, I was. We've been mostly computerless all this past week, and while I could have posted, I suppose, from my iPad or iPhone, typing on those makes me insane and prone to rage meltdowns, so I figured it was better to wait. Anders installed Ubuntu (which is some sort of Linux operating system, and which he's been wanting to play with/install for years) instead of Windows and then promptly left on a ski trip for a week and I couldn't find or download any of my usual programs, so I've been kicking my heels since last Monday. I got a Windows reinstallation disk from a kind colleague and Anders reinstalled it yesterday, so now I just have to configure things and reinstall all my programs and I'll be good to go.

So, this isn't a real post, exactly, it's an I'm alive post! And more soon post! And I missed you post!
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I missed you here too! Love, Lizardmom

Welcome back!

I've been wondering if you were okay (maybe sick with some nasty virus) or were perhaps super whirling dervish busy with no time to post. I did look at your Instagram as well and Totti was the last picture you posted, so I assumed you were very, very busy.

Glad the computer is back up and running now. Fingers crossed that it doesn't start acting up again.

It’s up and running sort of but I celebrated too soon.... we are still having the crashing problems :(

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