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I was starting to get twitchy, I was. We've been mostly computerless all this past week, and while I could have posted, I suppose, from my iPad or iPhone, typing on those makes me insane and prone to rage meltdowns, so I figured it was better to wait. Anders installed Ubuntu (which is some sort of Linux operating system, and which he's been wanting to play with/install for years) instead of Windows and then promptly left on a ski trip for a week and I couldn't find or download any of my usual programs, so I've been kicking my heels since last Monday. I got a Windows reinstallation disk from a kind colleague and Anders reinstalled it yesterday, so now I just have to configure things and reinstall all my programs and I'll be good to go.

So, this isn't a real post, exactly, it's an I'm alive post! And more soon post! And I missed you post!
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