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Well, I got a little over excited about where we were with our PC...still not fixed and still in the middle of trying to get it working correctly, running a bazillion diagnostics with the help of my friend Russell who is tech supporting us from Texas and thank god for his help or I would have slung the stupid thing through the window by now.

I am typing this on a bluetooth keyboard attached to my iPad which I thought would make typing faster and easier than the pain of typing on the iPad’s keyboard and it does...sort of. But I find myself backspacing and correcting nearly just as much anyway. It’s little and extra flat and not sensitive enough so it’s hard to keep my fingers in the correct positions. I keep skating off by one if I don’t keep careful watch and typing öolry yjod omdyrf-

Haha! GAH.

We had a break-in at work over the weekend, happened Sunday afternoon or so; we got the email about it around 9 pm. Apparently they had really managed to scope out the place as they were in the building for only about 3 minutes and still managed to get away with the most expensive things: an iMac, 6 laptops, and 2 Wacom tablets. They ripped the doors off cabinets (destroyed two in the process) to get at things, so even though most of them were locked up, it made no difference.

And I heard from one of my colleagues who worked in this same building some years ago, that there were at least two break-ins through the same window back’d think the building management would have done something by now...reinforced that window or put up cameras near it, or something. I wasn’t personally affected as I have a desktop PC and they bypassed the team laptop that was near my desk in favor of other, newer models. Still, not a fun thing to start the week with.

It’s only 2 weeks until I leave for Lisbon and it doesn’t feel real. And yesterday I got approval from my manager to attend a huge Adobe conference in Seattle in June...a whole week of geeking out which includes a 2-day presentation design conference. SO excited! I’ve never been to Seattle, so hoping to spend at least one extra day sightseeing. The only drawback is that it’s while Martin will be home...assuming that he is coming home after the school year ends and not staying to work all summer (though he has already applied to work the same 3-week summer program that he did last year).

I guess since this keyboard works well enough, I have no valid excuse for not posting regularly. :) But right now, I have to go fix dinner and then watch some Call the Midwife.
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Hurrah for the trip to Washington. I hope I can join you! Although I think Sarah was hoping for some dog sitting about that time! Love, Lizardmom

You beat me to it - I was going to suggest slinging the computer through the window as well. Great minds think alike! 😀

Are they thinking "inside job" for the break-in? Often when it's such a fast turn around, they have inside information. What a pain :(

After the dull weather you've been having, you'll love Lisbon! Enjoy and soak up the sunshine and fill your face with Pastéis de Nata.

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