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Where does the time go? It's been over a week since my last confession. Er, post, I mean. In that time, I have
  • cleaned house like a machine
  • cleaned up the front garden beds
  • finalized the AWC newsletter and website updates before the monthly meeting
  • called and talked to and activated two new AWC members
  • ran the AWC board meeting as our President is still away
  • won trivia night with my team, The Know-It-Alls, at the monthly AWC meeting (prizes: tulips and Reese's)
  • gotten a raise and praise
  • cleaned and sorted and purged and packed things in my mother-in-law's apartment
  • brought home furniture and home furnishings and accessories from her place and put them into place in ours
  • hosted a team-building lunch and afternoon for my entire work team at my home (the lunch was catered, but Karin and I made the cakes for dessert)
  • had a last dinner and evening with my daughter before she left for 3 months
  • cleaned and sorted and purged and packed things again at my mother-in-law's apartment (and no, we're not done)
  • had dinner and a lovely evening with my two best friends
  • cleaned and purged several of my OWN kitchen cabinets
  • done laundry
  • grocery-shopped
  • attended a concert in Malmö
  • and WORKED my day job
Plus tonight I went to WW, the pharmacy and the grocery store again.

Karin left on Thursday night after hanging out with us (minimal), and finishing packing (mostly). She and the three friends she is traveling with stayed overnight in Malmö and were on the train at 3:30 am for their 6 am flight to Paris. They arrived in Paris around 8 and left again at 1:45 pm for Panama City. There they had a 1-hour layover and then a short flight to San Jose in Costa Rica where they spent one night and are now presumably ensconced at their coastal digs in Santa Theresa for their 2-week Spanish and Surf course. You can follow them on Instagram if you are interested: ...though they posted more in their Instagram Stories than actual photos while they were traveling. And it's in Swedish, but you should still be able to get the gist of it. They will be in Costa Rica for a month, though I don't know where after the 2-week course is over (and neither do they, apparently, since their schedule is flexible and they had yet to decide) and after that will be traveling for 2 months in Bolivia, Peru, Argentina and Chile.

So, I've been busy and that's not over, as I am getting my hair done on Thursday and then meeting the auction house guy with Anders at his mom's apartment to value some of her glassware and furniture, and then we have to get all the stuff that is going to charity out of the place by Saturday morning (and it's a HUGE pile) because we have PIE NIGHT at our house on Saturday.

GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Catch you on the flip side, muddy and exhausted.
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I always need to take a lie down and play relaxing music after I've read what you get up to in a week. I feel even more of a sloth!

What a lot of work with your MIL's place - we've been there and done that ourselves, so I know how stressful that can be. I hope you get it sorted and ready for a spring sale.

Congratulations on the raise and praise. The moolah is no doubt welcome, but even better to know that you do a good job and are valued.

Karin has grown into a gorgeous young woman - and here she is spreading her wings in her first step out into the world. Exciting times for her - maybe a bit wistful for mum as her "baby" embraces independence. I hope that she has a wonderful time visiting Central and South America.

Pie night! Yum.... you'll have to post pictures, especially of what Anders makes as he always has brilliant ideas. Enjoy!

It's so much work cleaning out an apartment, thinks one knows, but it's not exactly like moving. UGH. I called my mom and told her to get cracking on getting rid of stuff and it makes me look at my own stuff a whole new way. We don't have many people signed up for pie night, sadly, so you and L-G need to step up and come down and bring some of your delicious pies!

From Megsie

Holy Cow!

I hope Karin has had a great time! She may be heading back home by now...

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