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We hosted Pie Night last night. There were 14 of us including a toddler and a couple of young kids. We had taco paj, shepherds pie, cottage pie and a tuna bake. Shepherds pie and cottage pie are basically the same thing (meat with mashed potatoes on top) and not very pie-y but they were all yummy, especially our taco paj (which I'm glad there are leftovers of) and the tuna bake. Carys, one of our British members, brought the tuna bake the very first time we had Pie Night, and I was thrilled to see it again. We discussed how many pie nights there had been and I couldn't remember...4? 5? Yeah, 5 sounds about right. Except that this morning she sent me an email and said she and her husband were talking about it and figured out that the first pie night was in 2012. So I checked the AWC archives and sure enough this was our SEVENTH pie night!

For dessert we had an apple and blackberry pie, two fruit pizzas, Reese's peanut butter tarts, cherry popovers, and a blood orange pie. They were all delicious and I had some of each, but regretted it later...SO FULL OF PIE. Today is a pretty lazy day...I've done nothing much. Walked on the treadmill (since it was snowing and then raining outside), showered, watered plants and answered emails.

I put up a word doc on Friday on the AWC group with all the things we are trying to sell from Anders' mom's apartment and managed to get rid of quite a few things, though there is a still a huge amount of stuff yet. Lots of glasses and dishes. All of it will go to charity if we can't sell the rest, which seems a shame, but we have limited time to deal with it as the apartment is already on the market.

We're supposed to try and Facetime with Karin in Costa Rica now, if we can catch her. She's been posting on Instragram a bit, and texting me nearly daily with one thing or another. She's been sick with a bad cold the last two days unfortunately, and didn't take any meds with her. I told her to find a pharmacy, so hope she can get something to help! People keep asking me how it is with no kids in the house and if we miss her, but to be honest, it's about the same as it's been for the last two years, since Martin left for school. Of course I miss her (and him, too) but she wasn't here all that much even before this trip, so this isn't all that different. Anders and I are figuring out how to be on our own, but it's not that hard.

Last night, after our guests left, we watched another couple of episdoes of Dips (a Swedish humor show about diplomats) which I thought was hilarious. It stars Jesper Rönndahl who also hosts a weekly humor news program, and his wife Marie Ägerhäll. She's the director, producer and writer and she's even funnier than he is, and so is the rest of the cast. I sat there laughing and thinking it was so different from what I would have been able to understand and appreciate in Swedish just 10 years ago. Then we watched a older "show" from a few years, consisting of short 5 minute-long episodes that Jesper was in called Telefon-support. It was also funny. A specific type of humor, for sure, but I enjoyed it. And I recommend Dips, to anyone else who has a sense of the ridiculous and understands Swedish.

Today, it's been sunny, rainy, snowy and then all three again in reverse order. Right now, the sun is shining, there isn't much wind and there are little wisps of clouds high up. The birds have come back to the feeder and rapidly emptying it. Thanks to the rain, everything is sparkling. I'm going to go read and play games and then call my kid and I hope the rest of you are having as nice and relaxing and productive a weekend as I am, even if you didn't have pie.
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Shepherd's Pie and Cottage Pie are two different things and I've been on cooking forums where people practically murder anyone who refers to one or the other by the WRONG name. To aid you hapless Americans ... a shepherd's pie is made from lamb (clue in the name) and a cottage pie has beef in it.

I love the sound of your pie nights and wished that I lived closer so I could come and stuff my face socialise with you and the pies.

You sound busy with getting Anders' mum's place sorted out. I know what a time consuming job that it and just how much stuff they accumulate. Which is why I do clearouts all of the time - I don't want the kids to have to do all of that when I'm gone or downsize.

*waves to Karin* I hope she's having a great time, despite the cold.

L-G tells me that the phrase "Swedish comedy" is an oxymoron. I had a look at what Dips was about and it seems like a rip off of the British series The Thick of It and the spin-off film In the Loop. But I'm willing to give an episode a try. L-G says he won't join me. Oh ye Swede of little faith :-)

haha! Meat with mashed potatoes on top, same-same. :D They aren't actually my favorite, either of them, but they were fine.

I wish you lived closer to, and not just for pie nights, though it would be awesome to see what you brought for them!

I do cleanouts all the time too and yet HOLY CRAP we have so much STUFF. Karin says hi! They are having fun, though it's only been a week, and say they are professionals now at surfing and spanish :D

I had another friend tell me the exact same thing about Swedish comedy, haha! I think Jesper's comedy is quite a specific style, so if you don't like him, you won't like it, but I do think it's worth a try and like I said, Marie is hilarious. I laughed out loud several times and honestly, I don't find much Swedish comedy funny either. :D

But Jesper is speaking with an appalling Skånsk accent! Sorry, but I can't bear to listen to it. I guess you are used to it, but to me it's like fingernails on a blackboard.

LOL what do you expect? He’s from Veberöd!

That blood orange pie sounds especially nice.

It was delicious, very fresh and zingy. Kind of like a key lime but without meringue...just a thin layer of whipped cream on top.

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