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We caved and bought a new PC this week. The constant crashing was driving me insane and that fact that our friend Russell who helps us out as our fantastic IT support from Texas, tried everything he could think of to fix it and even after wiping the entire hard drive and reinstalling, it was STILL crashing, it definitely seemed time for a new machine. It's very space-agey, matte black with a neon-green light line down the front of the face. I've reinstalled all my programs and can now be expected to post regularly.


Well, semi-regularly. It's such a relief to sit down to work on something and not have to save every two seconds, knowing that even doing so isn't going to prevent a crash and losing an entire post that I've put a lot of time and effort into writing, or hours worth of work on a document or any of the AWC stuff that I'm in charge of. Not to mention, just reading the news or blogs, or chatting with my family or listening to music on Spotify or anything. It's amazing how dependent on technology we've gotten. Last week, Facebook and Instagram were down for hours and part of me was relieved and did other things, but part of me was obsessing in the back of my head (especially about Instagram) about when they'd be back up. GAH.

When I'm on vacation, it's much easier to detach from social media and online life. But daily routines and checking email are so ingrained now that it's hard to imagine life before the Internet. I had to laugh the other day, when we watched an interview with Greta Thunberg on Skavlan, where he asked another, much older, guest who followed her on, how he was able to get information back in the day. He sort of dismissed Greta's ability, like everyone's nowadays, to use the Internet for instant access and answers. But I found it kind of ridiculous. It wasn't THAT long ago that we still had encyclopedias in the house, and people DO still use libraries for research as far as I'm aware. Not everyone has easy Internet access, and even those who do might not want to spend ALL their time online.

But the siren call of the tablet or phone is really hard to resist. I find myself reading less, because I'm playing stupid iPad games that provide little rewards for checking in each day. I can easily lose an entire hour to scrolling through my Instagram feed. Or watching an episode of the current TV series I'm immersed in. I'm not on Facebook that much, and I don't post there very often, but I check it more than once a day. It's a source of news and headlines and catching up with (some) friends and family. My own addiction to being online is disturbing but I haven't yet brought myself to do anything about it (she says as she posts on her online blog from her new PC) and I don't know that I'd be very good at doing something about it even if I tried. Times change and we change with them, like it or not.

I've managed to sell a ton of things from my mother-in-law's apartment instead of just giving it all away to charity and I'm quite happy with the result. Most of the furniture went and lots of the other household items, too. I put up the 21-page (!) list of things for sale, at SUPER cheap prices, on the AWC Facebook group page and the sell/buy site at work. I was surprised that there were very few items that were "fought over"... there were only 2 large sideboards that more than one person wanted, but everything worked out really well and we made a tidy little pile of money for my mother-in-law, only for her to turn around and tell us to divide it between Anders and his sister. I'm still hoping to sell a few more things before our self-imposed Friday deadline. The apartment is on the market and there have been two showing, but I haven't heard that there's been an offer yet. I hope it sells quickly so we can be done with the whole giant project.

We've talked to Karin a couple of times and she's having a ball in Costa Rica. She made a point of telling me about some woman she met, also from Scandinavia, who went there for vacation three years ago, had a job land in her lap and stayed. *Don't get any ideas, kid!" I told her. After just 2 weeks, she's looking very tan. They are still in Costa Rica for another week and a half before starting their next leg.

Look at that! Half an hour, a whole post and no blue screen of death! Praise be!
mood: happy
music: none...this machine is EERILY SILENT


Yay! I'm impressed you put up with it for so long. Then again, with two self-employed people and one serious gamer in this house, we've rarely gone more than a 2-3 years without a new PC for someone. I miss those days of excitement at a new toy, so much jealousy and vicarious excitement from here. I'm going to expect a LOT more from you now.


2-3 years seems luxuriously often to me, haha! Back in the good old days when we could get them through work it was every 3 years-ish. Wish they'd bring that benefit back!

It sounds as though you did all that you could with the old computer and it had worn out its welcome. Yay that you have a nice, shiny new PC and can post DAILY. I can imagine the frustration with the old machine. I've not your patience and it would have flown through the window long ago.

L-G has a tablet and smart phone but apart from the first flurry of having a shiny new toy, he doesn't really look at them very much. All his photo processing he does on a desktop computer and we use that as well to stream movies and tv shows, though neither of us is a big tv watcher. I only have a laptop, so I check things when I have time to sit down and do it, otherwise I'm not tempted to bother.

I've become more and more conscious of how people are no longer in the present with you when they have those pesky devices and they are on them far more than they admit. I saw an accident in centrum today, with a woman on her phone while she was backing out of a parking space at speed. She rammed a car that was driving by, then told the police that she was definitely NOT on her phone and that the other car must have been speeding, whereupon everyone who witnessed it called out "Oh yes you were on the phone!"

Yay on finding good homes for some of your MIL's things and making some money to boot. I always like to think that things are being used and appreciated rather than just dumped.

*waves to Karin* Great to hear that she's having a good time. Has she seen any sloths in Costa Rica? I'm dying to cuddle a sloth having recently watched a documentary about a sloth rescue centre in Costa Rica. They are such dear, sweet, gentle creatures.

haha! outed by the spectators, to the police. :D I heard the police are pretty seriously on the lookout for people on their phones while driving now.

I told Karin about the sloth sanctuary! They are going to a national park one of the days while they are still in Costa Rica and she said they were told there were sloths there!


Congratulations on drifting toward a new temporary plateau in technology! ;-) I suspect you will be very happy with your new, not-often-broken computer for the near term. But I'm convinced the creators of such gadgetry are getting better by the day at making their machinery seem woefully outdated and as slow as molasses after a matter of months. I know, I'm Mr. Cheer today, right?


I hope that's not true of desktop computers the way it seems to be true of tablets, phones and gadgets. I think we go through WAY too much electronic stuff in general, as a rule (not just us, I mean, everyone). It's ridiculous that stuff can't be fixed easily and just gets thrown into landfills. :(

From Megsie

I finally gave up and bought a new laptop right after Christmas. I still have it, because it still "works" in a slow, irritating way, but I forgot how I had to open something and then go do some housework while the spinning wheel of death spun, and then I could do another thing and have to wait again. I think I wasted so much time waiting for applications to open, etc.

So, congratulations! It is a breath of fresh air to be able to work normally again, isn't it?

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