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After getting up at 3:30 a.m. to take my mom to the airport, and then out again to another airport at 11 to drop off John and Simone, I was completely wiped out and took a 2-hour nap this afternoon. I could sleep all day if the kids would let me. Anders took Karin to the mall to buy ice skates for her (to match the hockey helmet she got from Santa) and the house was SO QUIET. Weird.

Just another way to sum up how damn busy I was in December: The number of books I read per month, on average, is 10. In December, I've made it through 3 and that just barely.

However, 10 more days of vacation is stretching out in front of me and for most of them we have nothing planned. :) I do, however, have a mile-long to-do list, which includes 2 website updates, so I won't be a complete vegetable. Curses, foiled again.

Happy birthday to courtesy!

EDITED to say SORRY!! I must have had hospital on the brain!! :(
mood: tired
music: Josh Groban—When You Say You Love Me


God, I hope you meant to say you took your mom to the airport, not the hospital. You've seen enough of hospitals already this holiday.

Aaagh! Sorry!! I have hospitals on the brain, obviously. Yes, I meant airport!!

I hope your mom went to the airport, or at least to the train station, not the hospital!

Up for an Ikea trip, perhaps?

I must have still been woozy when I wrote that and obviously have hospitals on the brain. Yes, I meant airport! DOH. I've got 10 days of vacation ahead of me with only a few commitments...when do you want to go?

Can you stop and pick me up too? My husband HATES going to IKEA.

Well, you're not exactly on the WAY, Carolyn, but if you insist... :)

Just give me a call before-hand, and I'll meet you at the door!

Hm, well, they're closed both Nyårsafton and -dag, so those are out. But I'd be up for a weekend trip, or an evening trip (but not Tuesday 30/12, since some of Calle's relatives will be here).

evening trip? They're open evenings? I can go the 2nd, would that work?

Monday - Friday, they're open until 20.00! The 2nd would work for me, yep! I have to work during the day, of course, but even after work, there's plenty of time! (I actually went to Ikea yesterday because I had to get certain photo frames for Calle's grandparents, who are coming tomorrow, but there are still other things that are needed!)

Okay! the 2nd it is. :) Shall I pick you up after work or do you want to eat dinner first? Having a car with lots of space is probably VERY tempting for you, isn't it :) I have nothing specific in mind, except a craft table organizer... let me know what time, and I'll be there with bells on. You might want to make a note to remind me that day, just in case I have vacation-brain.

You can pick me up after work, that's great. Um... 5.15?

Okay! I'll be at the little parking lot by the side of the church at 5:15, see you then! :)

Cool, and I'll try to remind you before then. :)

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