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I am sorry little blog and blog-reading friends who might be wondering where I've disappeared to again. Nowhere, just busy. Busy busy at work, kinda busy at home, just forgot. No excuse, just explanation. Now, of course, I think maybe it's better that I didn't write anything for over a week because hey! I got nothing to say really. It's spring! It's cold! My kids are gone, but we're in touch...nothing much is really new that I needed to blather on about and so I didn't. Aren't you glad? No? OK, I will try and write a real post tomorrow. I was only on the computer because I was starting to try and figure out my stupid US tax forms and WHO DECIDED TO GO AND CHANGE THE ENTIRE 1040 FORM that has been the same since I STARTED filing taxes? BASTARDS. I'm too old for this shit.

More soon.
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