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Ahhh...what is there to write about? My life seems to be sliding along. It's already the end of April, and I continue to boggle at how quickly the time goes. I had dinner with my two best friends yesterday and all of us were kind of feeling the same way. Every year goes faster and the time spent getting from one event to the next seems to disappear. None of us could really articulate how to slow it down, either, so I guess you just enjoy the ride, in that case.

It's all the usual here, with little bits of news interspersed. Anders' mom's apartment sold, hurrah! We don't have to remove the rest of the furniture and stuff that was still leftover, which we were planning to take to charity, OR clean, as the new owners told us not to bother; they would take care of it (boggle...but, OKAY!). We sold the little blue car that Karin has been driving and Anders hopes to have her moped fixed and inspected by Wednesday when one of my colleagues is coming to look at it with plans to purchase for his daughter. (Keep your fingers crossed). As soon as it is sold, Anders is buying another little cheap car from a friend, for Karin to use, but this one is a convertible. :) Very usable in Sweden...ha!

Other things on the super exciting list? I mailed my US taxes. I've been working on AWC website stuff with the huge help of my friends Kathey and Russell who are our long-distance web tech support. I've been working a lot on the days I'm not off for holidays. We have another short week ahead, with Valborg (Walpurgis Eve) on Tuesday, which is a half-day for us, and a day off again on Wednesday. But then we have to work for 2 solid weeks (O! the humanity!) before the next set of short weeks.

I'm rereading books and keeping the house clean and trying to keep in touch with my family. It's been a week of gorgeous really warm weather followed by a weekend of chilly temperatures and rain.

I switched my allergy medicine which seems to be helping. At least I haven't wanted to claw my eyes out of my head for the last three days, so that's progress. Anders is out in the back fixing up our tomato "garden"...we've paved over the little back garden bed and are putting them in big pots instead. I'm tired of the neighborhood cats using it as a bathroom, so it's now rocks and concrete. Take that, you little shit machines.

The tomato plants that I bought last weekend have already doubled in height but we can't plant them until the outside temperature averages 15C, and it's still too cold at night. We already bought seed potatoes too but they are in cold storage until we get the raised bed done for them. There were a million flowers on the plum tree but not so many on the cherry tree, which I hope doesn't mean we'll get more plums than cherries, as I like cherries much more than plums.

I've been only semi-productive this morning, as I woke with a headache again and fell back asleep after taking meds. Emptying the dishwasher, watering plants, filling bird feeders, laundry, etc. and prepping for the AWC meeting tomorrow. We don't have a lot of people signed up which is a bummer since the guest speaker was invited by me and I was hoping for a good turnout.

I hope the weather gets nice again by Tuesday as I've spent enough cold and rainy Valborgs huddled around hotdogs hissing in the rain. I'm ready for real spring, real summer, more green, and putting the tomatoes out!
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