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When I get a little miffed that reading through my friends list and RSS feed takes me about 10 minutes these days, I have to stop and remember that I am part of the problem. It's July 12 and I've posted only twice this month so far. This post, if it makes it up, will be third. Granted, it's summer and and the weekend now, and everything slows down when it gets hot out, but really, that's no excuse. If you want to read what's out there, maybe you should be setting an example and encouraging others by writing something yourself! I'm not yelling at you; I'm talking to myself (as evidenced by the minimal amount of comments my blog posts receive, but that's another topic for another day, eh?) Heh.

Nobody said what you write has to be good.

Nobody said you have to write every day without fail.

Nobody even said that you have to write at all.

But if you do, you will be honing a worthwhile talent, exercising your brain, encouraging others to do the same (maybe) and promoting your point of view, as well as sharing your memories and anecdotes and stories. What other things do you do to exercise your brain?

I mostly read, and I play word games. Writing here is far more valuable for me, even when what I write about is banal, or subjective, or repetitive, though I try to avoid being all those things.

Like many of my fellow bloggers, I miss the heyday of blogging, when it seemed like everyone and their dog had a blog. But even if many people have hung up their keyboards, there is still a lot of writing going on out just have to look a little harder. And sometimes, be a little patient (not easy for me, who was born sans patience altogether). To me, it seems that most blogs nowadays are topical...they're 1-subject silos. There aren't so many general-purpose personal blogs anymore. I think, for most people, it was a hobby that they took up when it was trendy, just like you take up knitting or kayaking or do it for awhile, then you tire of it, and you move on to something new.

Humans are notorious for trying things, hyping them like crazy, then tiring of them and looking for the next new thing. It's why marketing works so well. It's why we're all hearing about jackfruit and maple water these days and are secretly wondering what happened to acai and kale. Heck, I think the tendency explains a great deal about why America currently has the President it does.

See? It works! I had no plans to write a post today at all. And here it is! #3 for July 2019! Woo hoo, go me!

Actually, it's all part of my master plan to force myself to stay awake until it's actually bedtime. Other strategies include not sitting down when I get home, putting laundry in immediately, watering outside as soon as the sofa starts to look inviting, writing to-do lists for the weekend. We have a lot going on this weekend and next week:
  • Tomorrow, a certain daughter turns TWENTY
  • Lots of house cleaning and yardwork
  • Anders family for dinner on Sunday to celebrate Karin
  • Overnight guests on Monday: I am finally getting to meet another Internet psycho friend in person: Bethany from the now defunct blog Coffee-stained Clarity, and her family are stopping by on their way home to Italy after their Norwegian vacation
  • On Wednesday, Karin and I are going to the premiere of The Lion King
  • Next Friday, I'm taking the afternoon off and spending it at Wanås Sculpture Park and Gardens with Debbie and Camilla
The weather is absolutely PERFECT: 74 and sunny. It couldn't, literally COULDN'T, be better. Happy weekend to you!

*Title cribbed in entirety from the great Flannery O'Connor
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You are an inspiration! Write as often as you wish and I'll read it!

I'm delighted that you are meeting another internet psycho friend! It's one of my favorite things to do; meet people I already know, only to find out I know less than I thought. And their voices differ from the way I imagined them.

Have a great weekend! Sounds like you have it worked out so that it can't be anything but.


Isn't it weird? Meeting blog friend is so know so much and yet you know nothing at all!


Yes for writing and all the reasons. I also blame social media, since we're now all online in some fashion, and I suspect there's a weariness, a reading fatigue--so we skim and forget to engage. Blogging lately feels like talking to myself, and every couple of days I seriously consider dumping it, or making it password protected...but you're right. There's a lot to be said for writing a lot, I've always believed that. Just feels different. I am, obviously, still reading.


I agree! We are all online and our time to engage is limited and precious. I should know by now that I am not talking to myself...and your continued commenting and online friendship is proof!


Dude. "Online friendship" doesn't bake cookies. Hurtful.

Mea culpa! I just meant primarily, but you are right, it’s not an online’s not a virtual friendship, it’s a FRIENDSHIP. And a very important one to me, at that.

And not just because of the cookies. :P

guilty as charged: From Megsie

I haven't even attempted a blog post this summer. It has been an almost tradition to write one or two at the beginning of the summer--at least. And for you, I will write one. Probably not today, but soon. I will dedicate it to you.

For me, I began blogging because I was reading YOU, and Christina, and Elizabeth, and Bethany, and Sam...and I loved you guys. I wanted to join you. I wanted to participate in the conversation. I was home with my kids, and the time I spent reading your posts, and then writing my own helped me find some purpose for myself. When I got a full time job...well...I couldn't keep up. Not only with my blog, but with MOST THINGS. I still feel buried most of the time. I have many things competing for my attention. So, I guess something's gotta give. But I WISH it didn't. I still write in my notebook often. I guess I prioritize that. It is safer, and I don't have to censor.

I am so excited for you to meet Bethany! Hug her from me too, okay?

And, Karin is 20??? Happy birthday to her, but geez!

Re: guilty as charged: From Megsie

You are not guilty as charged, I wasn't talking to you! I was talking to myself :D And believe me, I know how real life gets in the way. Writing a blog is often far from top priority. I'm glad that you do write in your notebook and that you don't have to censor yourself there. I DO censor myself here, and I wish I didn't have to, but I think it's best for all that I do so. I don't write uncensored anywhere...that would be just asking for trouble :D

I will definitely give Bethany a hug from you! And I will pass along your birthday greetings to the 20-year-old (boggle!)!

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